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Smartphone Laundry Payment App

Do you know about contactless laundry payment systems for your commercial laundry facility? Today’s world is all about convenience and with coinless laundry equipment, you will offer your patrons an easy and safer laundry experience. With a smart laundry payment system your residents can access, pay for, and monitor their laundry all from the convenience of their mobile phones.

Incorporating a coinless laundry payment system gives many advantages to property managers and their residents. As a manager, you will see how quickly a commercial laundry payment app will free up your time and responsibilities and increase your revenue. Many people have already shifted to a cashless lifestyle and adding coinless laundry machines and payment methods will allow you to target a larger and younger demographic.

cashless laundry payment systems

Commercial Laundries Orlando

Cashless Laundry Payment App Technology

Switching over your laundry facility doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. Your current machines may be able to convert to a smart system with the implementation of smart card laundry machine kiosks or mobile phone, QR code scanners. Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we work with multi-housing complexes, college campuses, hotels, and RV parks to make their laundry amenities safer and more accessible for patrons.

Coinless laundry payment systems for commercial washers and dryers are simple to install and even easier to operate.

Converting your facility to coinless laundry machines and a cashless system is a cinch with Commercial Laundries Orlando’s team of experts. And with three simple steps, your residents will have access to equipment through your new smartphone laundry payment system.

Cashless Laundry Payment App

The many advantages of cashless laundry payment systems offer increased safety measures and many conveniences to property managers and residents.

Benefits For You:

  • Remote Monitoring
    Watch over your laundry facility, modify pricing and promotions, and track patron usage and transactions from your new online smart laundry database.
  • Reliable Auditing
    For complete clarity, all laundry transactions are automatically and reliably deposited in your business account.
  • Enhanced Security
    The absence of cash in your facility increases security and cuts back on threats of theft.
  • Increased Revenue and Cost Effectiveness
    Easily adjust pricing and upsell washer and dryer cycles with a click of a button. ‘Happy hour’ prices and loyalty discounts increase usage and profits.
  • Boosted Satisfaction
    With an upgraded and modern system your residents will have easier access to a functional and effective laundry facility that meets their needs.

Benefits For Your Residents:

  • Multiple Payment Options
    Smart card and mobile app laundry payment systems make amenities more accessible and easier to use for your patrons.
  • Smart Alerts and Notifications
    Laundry payment apps give residents access to machines remotely to discover available machines, track laundry progress, and receive notifications on finished wash and dry cycles.
  • Cleaner and Safer Amenity
    Well-being and hygiene are imperative today and with a contactless laundry payment system, residents have peace of mind with a safer laundry experience.
Benefits of Cashless Laundry

Ready for a new cashless laundry payment system?

Work with Commercial Laundries Orlando for an affordable and smooth transition.

Talk to the professionals at Commercial Laundries Orlando and find out about the best options for your laundry facility. Choose from our smart card laundry machines, commercial laundry payment app, or customize a hybrid system with our experts. Our competitive pricing and affordable leasing options make upgrades easy and accessible. With our quick and easy installation, your new and updated cashless laundry payment system will be ready for business in no time.

Whichever option you go with, know that you are adding value to your laundry amenity on your property and convenience to the lives of your residence and guests.



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