Orlando Apartment Laundry Card System

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Commercial Laundries Has the Best Equipment for Apartments

When you’re operating a multi-housing apartment complex, your first priority is ensuring that your tenants are provided with the amenities and services that they require for day-to-day life. One of the main priorities for tenants is having access to high-quality laundry equipment to avoid the hassle of having to go to the laundromat to complete laundry. The convenience of an onsite laundry room increases the satisfaction of tenants and attracts new renters to your apartment building. When you have dependable laundry machines, it helps to retain long-term renters and draw in new potential tenants. Whether you’re building a new laundry room or updating your current laundry facility, Commercial Laundries has trusted brand-name laundry machines that offer superior features and functionality to ensure that your tenants are satisfied after each load of laundry.

We are a family-owned business that understands the nature of operating a small business and the care and concern that are placed upon providing customers with exceptional customer service and high overall satisfaction. To help you operate a smooth, successful laundry facility, our team provides you with top-quality laundry machines that are built to last through high volumes of usage while maintaining high-powered cleans and efficient laundry cycles. We offer both new and used laundry equipment that are available at prices that fit within your current budget. Visit our store or our online inventory to explore the available laundry machines and equip your laundry room with top-quality machines today.

How Does a Laundry Card System Work for Apartments?

Laundry card payment systems are a simple method of payment that is easy to install in your laundry equipment. The card system has advantages for both tenants and commercial laundry owners. If you’re looking to incorporate a laundry card system into your laundry facility, our experienced technicians can attend your multi-housing unit complex to complete the easy installation of the payment system. When we arrive, we’ll deliver, install, and test out your new system to ensure that it’s ready to use for your tenants and allows for the smooth operation of your laundry room. Payments made electronically through a laundry card system provide additional benefits for laundry room owners as it provides the ability to track the revenue coming into your laundry facility digitally. A digital form of payment makes it easier for maintaining your books and keeping up to date on the profit coming into your laundry facility. Property managers or owners can also host promotions or have discounts to increase patrons’ usage of your machines or provide loyalty programs that will ultimately increase your revenue.

To get your tenants situated with the payment system, they will need to purchase a smart laundry card from a loyalty card kiosk that is located in the laundry facility. Once they gain a laundry card from the kiosk, tenants will need to upload credit on the card. The credit on the card is used as the payment for each load of laundry completed. When your tenants are ready to start a load of laundry, they simply need to place the payment card into the laundry machine. The laundry equipment will deduct the cost from the card for each load of laundry. Once the payment has been accepted, tenants can select the functions and cycle specifications to start the washing machine or dryer.

Other Payment Options for Commercial Laundry Equipment (smartphone app or coins)

As an apartment property manager, you see the need for comprehensive payment options that meet the needs of all of your tenants. A variety of payment options means that all of your tenants can use your laundry equipment when they need it. Laundry equipment comes with versatile options for payments. You can choose coin-operated payment methods that offer simple payment methods with change. Coin-operated laundry machines offer classic laundry machine features available in a variety of sizes depending on the specific needs of your apartment building. Each laundry machine has large coin vaults enabling your patrons to utilize your laundry machines with ample space to fill the coin vault from the large volume of people utilizing your laundry equipment.

The vast majority of Americans carry a smartphone with them at all times. The rise of the digital era has made payments become easier with access to payment features with a simple tap of your phone. The laundry industry has seen the need for keeping up with the digital era and has incorporated smartphone app payment methods. Patrons can connect to the laundry app to complete the payments for each load of laundry along with controlling the settings of their washing machines and dryers.

Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment for Apartments

To ensure that your tenants are provided with laundry equipment that they can depend on, you want to stock your laundry room with leading top brands in laundry equipment. Commercial Laundries has a large inventory of laundry machines that are built to last and produce high-powered wash and dry cycles. You can choose from 4 of the renowned laundry machines from today’s top laundry brands.

Speed Queen

Speed Queen is known for the enhanced technology features that are designed to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your patrons. The quantum control center within each laundry machine is designed to make your laundry experience simple and effective. Your patrons can customize the control levels and select from specific functions that meet the needs of each specific load of laundry to produce pristinely clean and vibrant clothes.


Miele is a trusted name in laundry machines for its innovative design and technology. Each machine has a digital interface that provides customers with an easy-to-use, simple selection for laundry settings, timers, and water temperatures. The various settings enable your patrons to have high efficiency with each cycle and, ultimately, increases the revenue coming into your laundry facility.


Whirlpool is a brand name that is trusted across the nation. Whirlpool was the leader in laundry distribution for developing laundry machines that are eco-friendly to reduce the water, energy, gas, and sewer used in each cycle. The innovative design was made for maximum performance that is built to combat dirt, grime, or stains leaving your clothes clean, crisp, and vibrant again.


Maytag is a leader in advanced technology that increases the efficiency of your laundry cycles. Each laundry machine has a wide array of features and settings for any type of laundry load. The advanced cleaning abilities mean that no matter how soiled or dirty your clothing or linens may be, after the wash and dry cycle, your clothes will come out looking new again while preserving the integrity and lifespan of your clothing.

Commercial Laundries Offers an Orlando Apartment Laundry Card System

Commercial Laundries is your one-stop shop for laundry equipment needs. Our experienced team of laundry technicians and sales representatives are highly educated in the various forms of laundry equipment to assist you in finding the right machines for your facility. We offer both leasing and purchasing options making it simple for you to install the latest laundry machines in your laundry room at a price that works within your budget. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a sustainable, lucrative commercial laundry room. Call our sales team at 407-588-0209 to find out more about the available inventory to stock up your laundry room with the best laundry equipment today.