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When it’s time to shop for a new washing machine, you can rely on Commercial Laundries and our diverse selection, which includes Speed Queen Commercial Washer appliances. Speed Queen has been manufacturing washing machines for over 100 years and creates washers and dryers designed to last for decades. We carry Speed Queen front load washers, Speed Queen top load washing machines, and Speed Queen stackable washer and dryer sets. Looking for a large-capacity Speed Queen washer in Orlando? Shop with us. We carry top brands like Speed Queen to ensure our commercial customers have access to the most reliable and durable laundry equipment in town.

You can trust our sales associates to help you select the ideal Speed Queen washer for your unique business needs. Speed Queen washing machine models are available for lease or purchase at Commercial Laundries. Our associates can help you find washing machines that have the features you’re looking for like smart laundry payment systems, environmentally friendly operation, quiet functionality, customizable cycles, and more. Talk to us about selling your old Speed Queen or commercial washers and dryers too. We buy used commercial laundry equipment and also provide maintenance and service solutions for our customers.

Commercial Laundries Has the Best Brands in Orlando

Orlando businesses that shop for laundry equipment choose Commercial Laundries for our wide selection of top-of-the-line commercial washers and dryers. From basic machines with must-have features to the most innovative equipment with customizable options, our selection of commercial laundry equipment is unsurpassed. Orlando depends on its hospitality and service industries, and these industries depend on us for their commercial laundry equipment needs.

Commercial Laundries not only leases and sells commercial laundry equipment; we also offer maintenance and repair services. Our service technicians are certified pros who help customers minimize equipment downtime and get the most from their laundry equipment investment. Partner with us for all of your company’s commercial laundry equipment needs in Orlando.

Why Is Speed Queen So Highly Rated for Commercial Laundry Equipment?

Speed Queen traces its origins back to 1908 when its owners first began modifying and manufacturing washing machines. By continuing its manufacturing excellence and pioneering technology advances, the company is now an industry leader in the production of commercial laundry. If you’re shopping for an Orlando Speed Queen commercial washer, you have lots of benefits to look forward to.

Speed Queen commercial laundry machines are known to last up to 25 years and maybe even longer. These high-capacity machines are designed to function optimally wash after wash. A favorite for multi-housing and other types of on-premises laundry businesses, Speed Queen washing machines, and dryers promise reliable operation with their durable designs.

Whether your business is in the market for coin-operated or smart card-operated Speed Queen washers, you’ll find various models to choose from, including washers with self-sanitizing cycles, programmable cycles for customizes washes, and on-board analytics that help you track water and energy usage as well as profit.

Customers shop for Speed Queen washers with Energy Star ratings for terrific energy efficiency as well as units with extra-large capacity–ideal for laundering quilts, rugs, and outerwear. Speed Queen has a reputation for its professional-grade laundry machines; these appliances are found in a wide range of commercial settings, including industrial facilities, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, apartment laundry centers, and more.

What Is a Speed Queen Commercial Top Load Washer?

Top-load washing machines are among the most popular styles. Businesses and their customers find them reliable and easy to use. We carry a large selection of Speed Queen top-load washing machines, including compact and large-capacity options. Our top-load washing machines come with a myriad of features, including programmable cycles and smart platforms. We feature top-load coin-operated and laundry card-operated washers. Additionally, we offer commercial dryers too. Top load models may be easier for your clientele to use with their ergonomic styles. Find top-load dryers to match your washing machine appliances.

What Is a Speed Queen Commercial Front Control Front Load Washer?

If you’re shopping for a Speed Queen commercial front control front load washing machine in Orlando, visit Commercial Laundries. Front load washers are known for their high-quality washes, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. We feature many Speed Queen front-load washing machines to choose from. Find card-operated and coin-operated front load washers available for lease or purchase now.

Do you operate a facility where ergonomic machines are important? Consider offering a mix of machines–top-loading and front-loading washers and dryers. You can also maintain a mix of card-operated machines and coin-operated models. Some units can even be outfitted with both payment systems. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it.

Other Top Brands of Commercial Washers in Orlando

Commercial Laundries carries Speed Queen washing machines and dryers as well as other top-rated laundry equipment brands like Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool. These brands are all household names and well-known for the quality of their equipment. Investing in good-quality laundry equipment supports your business’s profit margins. Let us help you find washers and dryers made by leading industry brands like the following.

Maytag has been in business since 1893 when it first began producing manual washing machines. Today, Maytag is a $4.7 billion company that sells its commercial and residential laundry equipment all over the globe. Maytag washers and dryers are renowned for their durability, best-in-class features, affordability, and extended warranties. Not sure if you should buy a Speed Queen commercial washer or a Maytag machine? Let our associates help you compare their features to find the right model for your business.

Miele designs laundry equipment with energy efficiency in mind. Businesses enjoy reliable functionality while saving money on water and energy costs. In addition to their eco-friendly operation, Miele washers are designed to last for two decades or more. Let the team at Commercial Laundries introduce you to the latest Miele commercial washing machine models at our Orlando location.

Before you make your selection, be sure to check out our Whirlpool commercial washers. Whirlpool is known throughout the laundry industry for its machines’ innovative features. Heavy-duty materials and durable components underscore Whirlpool’s commitment to making laundry machines that last.

Call Commercial Laundries to Get an Orlando Speed Queen Commercial Washer

With so many excellent brands to choose from, businesses may find it difficult to make a selection. Let Commercial Laundries help you find the right laundry equipment for your Orlando business. We can also help you select a maintenance plan that suits your business’s unique needs.

If you’re shopping for an Orlando Speed Queen commercial washer, choose Commercial Laundries. We can help you select a model that’s right for your on-premise laundry facility. Do you need multiple appliances? Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the best washers and dryers for your operation. Choosing the right laundry equipment supports your bottom line.

When you lease or purchase commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, be sure to talk to us about our maintenance and repair services. We serve Orlando with a complete lineup of commercial laundry solutions. We even buy used commercial washers and dryers. Contact us at 407-588-0209 to learn more about our Speed Queen washers and other top-grade laundry machines.