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Speed Queen is a Top Brand in Orlando

When you are operating a laundry business, the right brand of commercial washing machines and dryers can make all the difference in your success. High-quality equipment that is built to withstand years of heavy use, while remaining efficient and easy to use is not hard to find, especially if you choose a trusted brand like Speed Queen. At Commercial Laundries, we will often recommend a Speed Queen washer or Speed Queen commercial dryer. Orlando small business owners, schools, retirement facilities, restaurants, building managers, and others who run commercial laundry rooms can trust this brand to deliver highly efficient and powerful laundry services to their clients.

Why is Speed Queen Top-Rated for Commercial Dryers?

There are many reasons why a business that is just starting out today, or a business that is looking to upgrade their equipment would choose a Speed Queen commercial dryer. Orlando commercial laundry owners who understand profit are looking for more than a cheap plastic dryer that will break or burn out in a year or two. They know that choosing Speed Queen will improve their profits and their clients’ user experience because Speed Queen commercial dryers are:

  • Efficient, meeting all environmental standards, and saving your business money every month on power bills while drying clothes faster
  • Made from strong, corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel that are less likely to break and need replacing
  • Easier to repair than other brands because they are made from fewer moving parts, and are more mechanical in nature with simpler electronics, including the control panel
  • Designed for intense, heavy-duty usage, with powerful drive motors that can take on heavy loads all day, every day
  • Easy to use, with intuitive controls that reduce operator frustration and increase the chances of having repeat customers
  • Built with large reversible doors, a front-located maintenance panel, and other features that make them easier to clean and repair
  • Compatible with coin-operated technology, as well as card readers, app-based programs, and more, so you can offer a variety of services to residents or clientele while monitoring usage and receiving alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet
  • Made in the USA, so you can feel good about spending your money locally when you purchase the Speed Queen brand laundry equipment

Does Speed Queen Also Make Commercial Washers?

In order to have a matching set of highly efficient and powerful machines, business owners and laundry room managers may wish to consider pairing a Speed Queen commercial washer with their Speed Queen commercial dryer. Orlando-based establishments will benefit from outfitting their entire laundry facility with this sturdy and reliable brand. Some of the benefits Speed Queen washers provide are:

  • They have high-quality washing capabilities, with a variety of settings and intuitive controls that can customize your clients’ laundry load for a better user experience
  • They meet all efficiency standards, keeping your laundry facility eco-friendly and lowering power and water bills
  • They are high-powered, with heavy-duty drive motors and deep washtubs that can handle even the biggest loads of work clothes, towels, or blankets in less time than other commercial washers
  • They can be integrated into high-tech systems like card readers or app-enabled laundry notifications
  • They are designed for longevity and durability, and are easy to repair, with a steel base, corrosion protection, heavy-duty motors, and fewer moving parts and unnecessary electronics than other brands

Incorporating Speed Queen washers into your building’s laundry facility along with Speed Queen dryers will provide all residents with a reliable, high-powered option for doing their laundry that will bring them back and likely entice them into becoming regulars, rather than seeking laundry services elsewhere. Whether you are considering starting up your first laundry facility, are looking for washers and dryers for your staff to use in a boarding house, or if you are a rental manager who wants to provide efficient and reliable laundry services to your guests, Speed Queen is likely the best brand for you.

At Commercial Laundries, we will take care to assess your unique needs before providing a firm recommendation, but more often than not, Speed Queen is the best choice for most commercial laundry spaces.

6 Advantages of Leasing Speed Queen Commercial Dryers from Commercial Laundries

It can be difficult to decide whether to lease laundry equipment or purchase your washers and dryers outright.

Leasing laundry equipment at Commercial Laundries is often a good choice for those starting up a new laundry business and for those who are upgrading their equipment, because there is not a huge initial cost to worry about. Leasing with Commercial Laundries also provides your business with:

  1. Service, maintenance, and repair visits that are scheduled to keep your machines working like new
  2. Easy access to upgrades when you are ready to trade your laundry machines in for newer models
  3. Customer service when you need it, as we are just a phone call away and are dedicated to providing you the care you need as quickly as possible
  4. Free delivery with expert installation
  5. Free removal of old machines when you trade in your old models for newer machines
  6. Quick delivery times, thanks to our on-site warehouse that holds machines, parts, and accessories

We make it easy for Orlando business owners, property managers, and laundry facility managers to lease commercial washers and dryers. Just call us today, or visit our website to set up a consultation time or receive a quote. Our sales team will work with you to build a customized leasing program that suits your unique business needs.

Call Commercial Laundries for a Speed Queen Commercial Dryer in Orlando

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Our customer service and sales team are standing by now to answer any questions you may have, and they can facilitate the purchase or leasing process in a way that best works for you. We offer a wide selection of equipment and accessories.

Our team takes pride in our high standards and our customer service, so you can be sure we will recommend only the best commercial washers and dryers for your laundry business needs.

At Commercial Laundries, we offer exceptional service to each of our clients, priding ourselves in our dedication to building long-lasting relationships with our business partners. If you are ready to speak to a representative about leasing laundry equipment from our team, please call us now at (407) 588-0209 for a no-commitment chat with our customer service team about what we can offer your business. We are here to help.