Used Commercial Washers for Sale

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Commercial Laundries is a Top Service and Equipment Provider in Orlando

Commercial Laundries has become a trusted name for Orlando commercial laundry owners for the high value our team places on exceptional customer service and top-quality laundry equipment. Your commercial laundry business relies on the need for modern, functional laundry machines that maintain superb levels of performance for your tenants or customers. Our experienced team of laundry technicians and laundry sales representatives is knowledgeable and trained in maintaining and providing high-efficiency and reliable laundry machines that support your business to flourish. 

If you’re looking to start your first onsite commercial laundry facility or looking to upgrade your current space, there are a lot of things to consider while working within your budget. At Commercial Laundries, we strive to provide Orlando residents with top brand names in the laundry industry that fit within any budget constraints. We offer both new and used commercial laundry machines that fit within any price range your budget allows. Used laundry machines are a great cost-effective option that still provides you with high-quality machines that are guaranteed to meet the demands of your commercial laundry facility. Our refurbished machines are sold with the same assurance of high efficiency and reliability that you have come to trust from Commercial Laundries. 

4 Benefits of Getting Used Commercial Washers for Sale

If you’re looking to provide your tenants and customers with top-quality laundry machines that offer robust features and modern designs, look no further than the selection at Commercial Laundries. Our inventory of used commercial laundry machines includes reputable brand names in the laundry business such as Speed Queen, Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool. Purchasing a used commercial laundry machine offers a number of benefits to your commercial laundry facility that keep your patrons happy and enhance the operation of your facility. 

  • Dependable laundry machines: Buying used commercial laundry machines doesn’t mean the quality of your machines changes. Each of our used commercial laundry machines is thoroughly inspected by our onsite technicians to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. If there are any needed repairs, our mechanics will replace any parts with new, reliable parts making your machine dependable and long-lasting. Our used laundry equipment is built with metal construction that is built to last and withstand high volumes of usage. The rugged suspension systems and high RPM speed extractions deliver high-performing cycles that are built to withstand any size load of laundry. 
  • User-friendly machines that are ideal for any patrons using your facility: Our used commercial laundry equipment offers modern designs and features that make completing laundry a breeze. You can choose from machines that offer digital displays to easily select cycle modes and temperature selections. There are options for energy-efficient machines that run the same high-powered cycles while reducing the amount of energy and water required for each load. Your customers will be satisfied with the reduced time for each load while you receive the benefits of lowered operational costs. 
  • Flexible payment options: Used laundry equipment is available with both coin-operated payments and card-operated payments. Depending on the type of laundry facility you operate and the needs of your patrons, choose the option that best suits the needs and demands of your commercial laundry business to keep the operations running smoothly. 
  • Top-quality laundry equipment at affordable prices: Used laundry machines offer an affordable option for stocking your laundry facility with top-quality machines. Our refurbished machines are offered in varying price ranges and we offer budget-friendly selections to give you the laundry machine you need without breaking the bank. 

Are Service and Maintenance Plans Available for Used Commercial Washers?

Your commercial laundry business depends on excellent laundry equipment that is built to withstand high volumes of traffic and provide an exceptional laundry experience for your patrons. Over time, any laundry equipment will need minor repairs and servicing to keep your laundry machines operating at optimal levels. At Commercial Laundries, we value the success of our customers’ business and want to make receiving servicing and maintenance a simple, carefree process that avoids any unnecessary stress or disruption to your facility operations. 

Whether you invest in new or used commercial laundry equipment, you’ll have the guaranteed customer service that Florida residents have come to expect from Commercial Laundries for decades. After purchasing used commercial laundry equipment, you’ll have the option of delivery and installation of your laundry machines directly in your facility. Your purchase comes with contracts and services available to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance as required. The service plans offered include onsite maintenance and repairs that will have our technicians and mechanics attending your laundry facility to complete the necessary work. This avoids any delay in your services as our team works efficiently and in a timely manner to ensure there are few disruptions to your day-to-day operations. 

Modern Features of Newer Commercial Washers for Your Apartment or Condo Building

The evolution of commercial washers and dryers has created an increase in modern functions that enhance a person’s laundry experience. When you’re operating a laundry facility within an apartment or condo building, you require laundry equipment that offers efficient machines that complete each cycle in a timely manner so multiple tenants can use your machines each day. Commercial laundry machines include functions that make doing laundry quick and easy for anyone who is using them. 

When you’re purchasing used commercial laundry equipment, there are a number of laundry machines you can choose from that include sleek, modern features that make completing laundry satisfying for all tenants. Most mainstream laundry brands have washers and dryers that include some or all of the following new functions and features: 

  • Card-operated machines that make payments for laundry simple with a reloadable card for your tenants. The card can be topped up from a mobile app that avoids any unnecessary stress of having to collect coins to pay for laundry. Simply place the card into the machine and the payment will be accepted. 
  • Laundry equipment that is controlled by mobile apps and connected to WiFi. This technological advance provides instant notifications for when your laundry machines require routine maintenance and servicing, provide mobile troubleshooting should any issues arrive, and keeps a running total of your earnings and expenses going out from water and energy costs. 
  • Digital display that allows for a simple selection of laundry load cycles, temperatures, and cycle times. 
  • Eco-Friendly laundry cycles focus on reducing the amount of water, energy, and gas being used within each cycle. 
  • Automatic temperature controls for washing cycles 
  • Auto dispenser for soap and water that is determined based on the size or weight of your laundry load 

Call Commercial Laundries if You’re Looking for Used Commercial Washers for Sale

Investing in used commercial laundry equipment is a beneficial choice to make for your laundry facility. You’ll be offered the guidance and expertise of our team at Commercial Laundries in selecting the right make, model, and laundry machine that meets the needs and demands of your tenants or patrons. We value providing Orlando residents with exceptional customer service for years to come and will continue to offer you long-term care as your business flourishes. Call our sales team at Commercial Laundries at 407-986-1410 to hear about the wide selection of used commercial laundry machines available today.