Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings in Orlando

orlando laundry machines for apartment buildings

Everybody needs to wash their clothes and other forms of laundry. Since this is an essential chore, renters or condo owners look for buildings or complexes that offer on-premise laundry. Buildings that don’t offer this amenity are less attractive to potential tenants. Without on-premise laundry facilities, tenants have to routinely bring their laundry to an Orlando laundromat to wash and dry it there, and that’s not always convenient. 

Property owners and management companies who want to attract renters or buyers should carefully consider offering on-site laundry facilities. Developing a laundry center will help you upgrade your apartment complex or building. People are more likely to rent at a complex that features on-site laundry and more likely to remain, tenants, when their needs and expectations are met. 

Of course, to develop a laundry center, you’ll need reliable commercial laundry equipment. Commercial Laundries features a wide selection of commercial washing machines and dryers. We feature many different styles, including large-capacity washers and dryers, top-loading washing machines and dryers, and even stackable sets. Depending on the size of your laundry room or laundry center, we can help you choose the best models for your needs or preferences. If you have laundry machines and wish to upgrade them, rely on Commercial Laundries to purchase or lease new laundry equipment.

Upgrade Your Laundry Game with Help from Commercial Laundries

Upgrading your facility’s laundry machines will help you attract new apartment tenants and fulfill the needs of current tenants. Do you currently maintain coin-operated washers and dryers? Many renters are looking for facilities that have card-operated washing machines and dryers. These washers and dryers can accept bank cards, credit cards, or even specially designated laundry cards. Tenants can load funds onto their cards electronically and then conveniently pay to wash and dry their laundry without having to use coins.

Smart card payment systems aren’t the only reason to upgrade your commercial washers and dryers. Many of today’s top laundry machine manufacturers have made innovative upgrades to their machines. Some of these innovations include sanitizing cycles, moisture sensors, eco-friendly cycles, fast cycles, and more. There are also washers and dryers that have features that offer advantages for building owners. 

Onboard analytics allow owners to easily check to see how much profit their machines are earning as well as how much water and energy they’re using or conserving. With card-operated washing machines and dryers, owners can easily access their funds; they receive payments electronically and don’t have to visit the laundry center to empty, count, and deposit the coins in their bank. Commercial Laundries can help you select washers and dryers that benefit your operation as well as meet tenants’ needs.

Why Are Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings Important for Your Tenants?

Your tenants want reliable laundry machines nearby so they can conveniently launder their clothing, linens, and other garments. Without on-premise laundry equipment, renters are forced to transport items like work clothes, towels, and bedding to a laundromat. That’s not nearly as convenient for them as visiting a laundry room on their floor or a laundry center in their apartment complex. To compete with other property owners, you can install or upgrade your laundry equipment. 

A well-managed on-site laundry center is an attractive feature for tenants who may not be keen to bring their laundry to nearby Orlando laundromats that may or may not be as clean as they’d prefer. The more attractive and well-maintained your laundry facility, the better for your operation. Tenants want to use clean laundry machines that work reliably. Machines that are frequently broken down or don’t work well can be frustrating and heighten the risk that tenants might choose to move. 

Tenants want commercial washers and dryers that perform with innovative features. For instance, smart alerts mean that tenants don’t have to wait around the laundry machine. They can step outside or even relax in their apartment. When they receive an alert via their smartphone that their laundry is done, they can complete their chore. Let Commercial Laundries help you find laundry equipment designed to meet the needs of your tenants. 

4 Signs Your Apartment Needs to Upgrade Its Laundry Machines

If you have a laundry facility at your apartment complex or condominium building, it may need its laundry equipment upgraded. The following are signs you should upgrade your commercial washing machines and dryers:

Frequent Breakdowns

If your laundry machines are breaking down frequently, you may want to replace them in order to provide your tenants with reliable service. 

Frequent Repairs

Does your current laundry equipment need lots of repair work? Repairs can be costly as well as inconvenient. Frequent repairs mean that your laundry machines are no longer reliable. 

Old Equipment

If your washers and dryers have reached the end of their likely life span, it may make sense to replace them with newer models that not only work more reliably but also with greater energy efficiency.

Innovative Features

If your machines are older, they may not have the innovative features that tenants look for. Consider upgrading your current laundry machines to smart machines with more must-have features. 

Top 4 Brands of Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings

Commercial Laundries carries top-rated laundry equipment from our industry’s most respected brands. These top brands are known for their excellent functionality and longevity. 

Speed Queen

Speed Queen is another top commercial laundry brand. They make laundry machines designed to last 25 years. While their washers and dryers are durably designed, they also come with innovative features that commercial customers look for.


Maytag boasts some of the best machines in the laundry industry. The company has been manufacturing laundry equipment for more than 100 years. Today, they focus on developing innovative features and reliable operating systems. 


Miele is a reputable laundry machine manufacturer that’s highly regarded for its commitment to sustainable design. Miele laundry equipment is known for its efficient operation. With their innovative technology, Miele washers and dryers are known for their reliable functionality. 


Whirlpool washers and dryers also deliver reliable performance. Many of its innovative machines feature easy-to-read icons and special cycles. Whirlpool also designs card-operated and coin-operated machines. 

Investing in high-quality commercial washing machines and dryers can give your property a competitive edge over other properties. Commercial Laundries can help you upgrade your washers and dryers to create a laundry center that tenants will be pleased to use.

Commercial Laundries Inc. Sells and Leases Orlando’s Best Laundry Machines for Apartment Buildings 

If you are interested in upgrading your current commercial laundry equipment, choose Commercial Laundries. We have a terrific selection of commercial washers and dryers that have innovative features, including energy-efficient operation, smart features, and multiple cycles. We carry top manufacturers that are renowned throughout our industry. 

We sell and lease commercial washers and dryers to apartment property owners, condominium owners, medical facilities, hotels, and more. Let us help you choose the ideal models for your laundry center. After we install your new washers and dryers, we can maintain them whether you purchase them or lease them. We feature skilled maintenance and repair technicians who can help you keep your laundry center operating at its best. Get in touch with us to learn more about our commercial laundry equipment and services.