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Commercial Laundries Has Top Commercial Washers

Do you operate a commercial laundry facility in Orlando and are seeking high-quality machines that meet the growing demand of your customers within your multi-housing or commercial facility? Commercial Laundries has a wide selection of laundry machines from top-rated name brands in the laundry industry– Maytag, Whirlpool, Speed Queen, or Miele. 

Our expert team is highly knowledgeable in the various models of laundry equipment that are ideal for a number of commercial laundry facilities. We support Orlando residents in finding the right washing machine and dryer for commercial laundry facilities such as hospitals, apartment or condo buildings, multi-housing units, hotels, schools, and spas. Each location has individual requirements and desires for laundry equipment that can withstand the high volume of usage and traffic coming into your laundry facility. With the support of our sales team, you can find a modern, high-powered, efficient commercial front-load washer that will keep your tenants and patrons satisfied and leave with clean, sanitized clothes. 

We strive to provide our customers with long-lasting satisfaction. Your experience with us continues even after purchasing or leasing your laundry equipment. If you require regular maintenance or service repairs, our dedicated team of laundry technicians will visit you on-site to complete any repairs allowing your business to continue running smoothly and efficiently. 

What is a Commercial Front Control Front Load Washer?

There are a number of options to choose from when picking the right commercial laundry machine for your facility. A commercial front control front load washer is a popular model to choose from that will meet the demand of a large number of tenants and patrons utilizing your washing machines. 

A commercial front control front load washer offers a slick design that enables you to load your laundry in the front of the machine rather than placing your clothes, linens, and soiled items through the top of the machine. These types of laundry machines offer bigger-sized washer barrel sizes that can handle increased load sizes ideal for a commercial laundry facility. The front control on these washing machines offers functions that are easy to use and operate. Simply scroll through the digital panel to choose the settings for your washing load and start your load. The specific options are designed to lower the costs of operation and complete each washing cycle in a timely, efficient manner. 

5 Benefits of Choosing a Commercial Front Control Front Load Washer

If you’re searching for a commercial laundry machine that is built to withstand high volumes of usage while still providing optimal cleaning results, a commercial front control front load washer is a durable, reliable washing machine.  When you’re operating your commercial laundry facility, it’s important you have washing machines that you can depend on, a commercial front control front load washer offers a number of benefits that increase the performance levels and satisfaction of your customers. 

  • Built to last: Commercial front load washers are innovatively designed to maintain high-performing wash cycles with every load. The top-rated brands in laundry machines such as Speed Queen offer front-load washing machines that are designed with revolutionary suspension and sensor technology that works to effectively redistribute the balance of each load. A balanced load allows for a thorough clean while minimizing any vibrations resulting in a quiet wash cycle. The exterior of these machines is developed with metal components that are designed to protect the washing machine from any damage or chipping, increasing the lifespan of your machine. 
  • Reduce operational costs of your commercial laundry facility: A front-loading washing machine is specifically designed in an eco-friendly model that focuses on reducing energy and water used within each cycle. The intricate designs of front-loading washing machines are created to utilize almost half of the amount of water that other commercial washing machines use. The specific design of the drum makes it possible to complete a full wash cycle with high efficiency while only filling the barrel partially. Reduced water means that your operational costs will be dramatically reduced when using a front-loading washing machine. 
  • Accessible machines for everyone: Commercial front-loading washing machines are built to adhere to ADA compliance. This means that any of your patrons that may experience mobility concerns can use the machines with ease. 
  • The digital display makes completing laundry a breeze: Gone are the days that you have to control your laundry machine through spin dials. A front control front load washer has a digital display that enables your customers to select from options to find the appropriate spin cycles, water levels, and temperatures, and customize your laundry cycles each time you complete laundry. The increased number of options helps your customers complete their laundry accurately and efficiently while reducing the costs associated with operations with the wide selection of cycle options. 
  • Practical designs that support regular maintenance and improve the appearance of your laundry facility: Front loader washing machines are simple to clean and thoroughly clean or sanitize the drum of your machine. The stackable designs allow you to optimize the space of your facility and place multiple laundry units in one space if needed. 

Leasing vs. Buying Your Commercial Washers

At Commercial Laundries, we offer versatile options for acquiring laundry machines for your commercial business. Orlando residents can choose from leasing options or buying your commercial washing machine. Both options have benefits and the route you decide on will depend on your specific preference, budget, and current needs for your laundry facility. 

Leasing is a popular method for Orlando residents to get new, updated machines for their laundry business. We offer customizable leasing contracts that are bound to fit your current needs and budget. Choose from a wide selection of high-quality brand names in the latest, modern designs. Leasing with us means that our experienced team will deliver and install your laundry machines at your facility while having the added benefit of free maintenance and servicing included with your leasing contract. Once your leasing contract is complete, you can update the machines you’re using for the latest models and maintain the functionality of your laundry machines. 

If you’re looking to make an investment and purchase your laundry machines, we offer both new and used models that differ in price ranges. Our team will help you find the right laundry machines that are specifically designed to meet the volume of people and high-performance rates you require. Regardless if you choose a new or used model, our team will provide you with utility assessment reports and ensure that your machine is running in perfect condition before delivering it to your laundry facility. 

Call Commercial Laundries for the Best Commercial Front Control Front Load Washer in Orlando

Orlando commercial laundry facilities trust Commercial Laundries to provide them with high-quality machines that have robust, long-lasting designs. Our sales team will support you in determining the best laundry machine for your facility and finding the best pricing options that meet your budget needs. Your customers and tenants will be satisfied and return to your facility after using the revolutionary designs of front control front loading washing machines. We have trusted brand names in the laundry industry that you can count on to get the job done right and efficiently. Contact our sales team today, we’re eager to help you find the best washing machines and dryers to set your commercial laundry business up for long lasting success.