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Shopping for a new commercial dryer in Orlando is easy when you consult with Commercial Laundries. As laundry equipment specialists, we can help your business select the ideal models for your operation and budget. Today’s best commercial dryer in Orlando offers must-have features such as smart card payment systems, eco-friendly operation, multiple dry cycles, moisture sensors, and more. Find the best commercial dryer for your needs at Commercial Laundries.

Commercial Laundries Has Orlando’s Best Selection

Commercial Laundries has a large selection of commercial washing machines and dryers, including extra large-capacity machines, stackable laundry machines, smart units, and more. Whether you’re in the market for a digitally savvy dryer or a basic model that’s easy for customers to operate, you can rely on our assistance to help you find the right model(s) for your business. We continually update our inventory with new models to ensure our Orlando customers have access to the industry’s best and most popular commercial laundry machines. 

4 Top Brands of the Best Commercial Dryer in Orlando

Commercial Laundries carries high-quality machines for purchase or lease. As laundry equipment experts, we know the industry and which manufacturers produce the most reliable equipment with the best features. Whether you’re in the market for a basic machine or one that has all the latest bells and whistles, you can find the best commercial dryer in Orlando when you shop with us. The following are brands to look for at Commercial Laundries:

Speed Queen

Speed Queen dryers continue to be popular with many on-premise laundry businesses like multi-housing complexes and medical facilities. Speed Queens is known for their reliable operation. When shopping for a new Speed Queen dryer, look for features like eco-friendly cycles, over-dry protection, moisture sensors, smart card readers, multiple temperature selections, multiple cycles, and more. 


Maytag has long been renowned for the reliable operation of its durable washing machines and dryers. Whether you’re looking for large-capacity units or high-speed options, you’ll find a great selection of Maytag commercial dryers with features like moisture sensors, smart card payment systems, quick dry cycles, multiple cycles, extra power buttons, and more.


Whirlpool dryers are popular options for purchasing or leasing. We have Whirlpool commercial dryers that have features like wrinkle protection, sanitizing cycles, smart features, and more. Whirlpool is a top brand that continues to innovate and offer washers and dryers that perform with reliability. 


Miele is another leading brand of commercial washing machines and dryers that Commercial Laundries carries. Customers love Miele’s energy-efficient and eco-friendly features like its EcoDry technology. Miele commercial dryers are popular with multi-housing units, hotels, medical facilities, residential laundry centers, and more. 

How to Know If It’s Time to Upgrade Your Apartment or Condo Building’s Commercial Dryer

There are a couple of ways to determine if it’s a good time to update the laundry machines of your apartment or condominium building. If your machines are breaking down more frequently and are nearing the end of their likely lifespan, it’s a good idea to shop for a new model so that you can provide reliable laundry solutions for residents. Also, if you want to cut down on utility costs, you should shop for new, energy-efficient commercial dryers. Are your customers asking for smart payment systems? Consider upgrading your coin-operated commercial dryer to a smart commercial dryer.

5 Benefits of Leasing a Commercial Dryer in Orlando

Commercial Laundries sells and leases commercial laundry equipment. Owing to customers’ needs and preferences, we’ve developed a robust leasing program over the years that are thriving because of the benefits it provides. Your commercial business might want to consider leasing a commercial dryer in Orlando to enjoy these benefits:

Affordable Cost

Many commercial laundry businesses prefer to lease commercial dryers and washing machines because it’s a less expensive option than purchasing a unit outright. There are also fewer financial surprises regarding the upkeep of the laundry equipment. If you own the washers and dryers, it’s your responsibility to maintain, repair, and replace them. On the other hand, when you lease washing machines and dryers from Commercial Laundries, we maintain, repair, and replace them. 

Customers pay an affordable monthly cost without incurring the substantial expense of purchasing a new commercial dryer or other laundry machines outright. Businesses find it easier to budget monthly expenses, knowing that if a breakdown of any leased equipment occurs, Commercial Laundries will take care of it.

Ongoing Maintenance and Repair Services

Any mechanical/digital equipment is vulnerable to problems over time. Parts wear out. Machines get old. Commercial Laundries features a crew of highly trained laundry equipment technicians who provide top-notch maintenance and repair solutions. When you lease your commercial dryer in Orlando from us, we’ll maintain it. Maintenance solutions can help you prevent inconvenient breakdowns. Our technicians can spot worn parts or problems and address them before they causes the unit to break down. 

Leasing laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries means that you don’t have to worry about repairs when they arise. We make the necessary repairs on our leased equipment. That means no surprise expenses for you. If a replacement part is needed, we simply replace it. Maintaining the reliable operation of our laundry equipment is a cornerstone of what we do. 

Plus, when you lease your washing machines and dryers from Commercial Laundries, you can expect prompt service. We know how stressful it can be if one of your on-premise washers or dryers suffers a breakdown. It impacts your business and customers. You can rely on us for fast repair services. It’s part of the world-class service you can expect from a laundry equipment leader like us.

High-Quality Laundry Machines

Commercial Laundries leases high-quality laundry equipment. The best manufacturers make washers and dryers that not only last but also feature the most innovative features. We lease top-rated commercial laundry machines made by leading manufacturers like Speed Queen and Maytag. We also lease machines that have the features our customers look for, including smart features like onboard analytics and smart card payment systems. 

Replacement Service 

When customers’ leased equipment ages or a unit breaks down or becomes unreliable, we’ll replace it. Customers love this service because it means they always have access to some of the industry’s latest commercial washer or dryer models. They can upgrade their laundry machines without having to purchase them outright. Moreover, they can continue to enjoy all the other benefits of our leasing program like routine maintenance and timely repair services. 

Hassle-Free Delivery and Installation 

When you lease your commercial washing machines and dryers from Commercial Laundries, we’ll deliver them to your business and install them to perfection. Whether you lease stack washers and dryers or large-capacity washers and dryers, it makes no difference. We’ll move the units into place and hook them up so that they function properly. Poor installation can affect the unit’s operation. You can rely on our skilled technicians to install your leased laundry machines so that they’re ready for operation. 

Call Commercial Laundries and Get the Best Commercial Dryer in Orlando 

Contact Commercial Laundries and let us help you find the best commercial dryer in Orlando for your facility. We’re renowned throughout the region for our world-class washing machine and dryer selection, repair service plans, and excellent customer service. Call us to learn more about our laundry equipment and services.