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orlando best commercial washer and dryer

Do you operate on-premises laundry facilities in Orlando? Commercial Laundries serves Orlando, FL, with top-quality commercial laundry equipment and reliable maintenance and repair services. We carry revered laundry machines brands like Maytag, Speed Queen, Miele, and Whirlpool. We specialize in selling and leasing commercial washers and dryers for customers in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, and more. 

Customers depend on Commercial Laundries for our in-depth knowledge of laundry machines and willingness to help them select the ideal models for their business and budget. Whether you are in the market for coin-operated washers and dryers, innovative smart-laundry machines, or energy-efficient laundry equipment, you can rely on our associates to find the best washers and dryers. 

After you purchase a commercial washing machine or dryer from us, you can continue to rely on our service. We offer prompt maintenance and repair solutions, including maintenance packages. Keeping your machines in tip-top working order supports the profitability of your business. Let Commercial Laundries support all your business’s laundry machines and maintenance needs.

The Benefits of Buying from Commercial Laundries

Commercial Laundries is a laundry equipment leader throughout the state of Florida. We stay up to date with the latest commercial laundry machines to enter our industry to bring our customers the best machines on the market today. We carry the most respected washer and dryer brands because they have robust warranties and a reputation for outstanding function. 

Our sales associates know that purchasing new commercial laundry equipment is an investment. We take time to help our customers understand what each model they’re considering offers with features and functionality. We know that laundry-related businesses have budgets just like any business and goals regarding profitability. We can help you find laundry machines that fit your budget and will support your goals. 

When you shop with Commercial Laundries, you can expect to enjoy some terrific benefits that include:

  • Increased Resident Satisfaction

If you’re purchasing new laundry machines for your Orlando apartment building, condominium, or other on-site laundry facilities, you will support your customers’ needs so they remain your customers. When you shop at Commercial Laundries, you’ll find an expansive selection of washers and dryers. We sell basic models and cutting-edge machines with the latest bells and whistles. 

We can help you shop for washers and dryers that are popular with customers today. Are you interested in smart washers and dryers? These commercial laundry machines have many digital features like convenient card payment systems and text alerts that tell customers when a cycle is complete. 

We know how much we strive to please our customers, so we understand how customer satisfaction is important for your business too. Whether shopping for large-capacity washers and dryers or stack washer/dryer sets, we can help you find the best machines to fulfill your needs. 

  • Fewer Breakdowns

Purchasing high-quality commercial washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries means you can count on the performance of your machine. At Commercial Laundries, we carefully curate our inventory to make sure we feature quality machines that customers can depend on. Even our value-based washers and dryers are known for their quality. They may have fewer bells and whistles than deluxe washers and dryers, but they offer reliable and efficient functionality. 

We carry machines manufactured by revered laundry-industry companies, including Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Miele. These companies back their machines with product guarantees. Stocking your laundry facility with machines made by these brands will support your business. You can expect fewer problems with these machines, which means less downtime. 

You can also reduce downtime by setting up a maintenance schedule with Commercial Laundries. We can send our skilled repair technicians to your facility to inspect and maintain your machines. We can replace worn parts before they can cause a breakdown. We’ll provide your laundry machines with a tune-up so that they function their best from season to season. 

  • Higher Efficiency

Today, many on-premises laundry businesses are looking to improve their sustainability while increasing their profitability. Choosing energy-efficient washing machines and dryers is a great way to do just that. Many machines offer energy-efficient operation, but how efficient? When you shop at Commercial Laundries, our knowledgeable sales team can answer all your questions about energy-efficient performance when it comes to electricity, gas, and water usage. 

While shopping for the Energy Star appliance rating is helpful, it’s much better to consult with our laundry machine experts. We’ll help you determine which laundry unit offers the energy-efficient operation you’re looking for. Although the most energy-efficient washers and dryers may involve greater expense in terms of their sale price, the money-savings they accrue can quickly offset the initial higher cost. 

When you shop for smart commercial washing machines and dryers, you can find machines with onboard analytics that will let you gauge energy and water usage each day. When you shop with Commercial Laundries, we can even perform an energy audit to let you know where your usage is high and how you can reduce it with certain laundry machines. 

  • Better Laundry Performance

Let Commercial Laundries help your business find top-load washers or front-load dryers that offer superior laundry performance features. We offer washers and dryers that boast must-have features such as sanitizing wash features, automatic dispensing of detergent, moisture sensors, and more. More features are something your laundry facility’s customers may be searching for. You can boost customer loyalty by stocking your on-site laundry facility with laundry machines that offer superior performance functionality.

Top washer and dryer brands like Maytag and Speed Queen offer cutting-edge performance features. These companies lead the industry with their modern performance options. Get more value for your laundry equipment investment by choosing machines that deliver the performance you need and your customers expect. 

Call Commercial Laundries for the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer in Orlando

Call Commercial Laundries if you’re in the market for commercial washers and dryers in Orlando or surrounding areas. We can acquaint you with laundry models that meet your current needs or are priced within your budget. If you are interested, we can also discuss our leasing options. In addition to selling high-quality commercial washing machines and dryers, we also lease them. Leasing machines are a great option for customers who want the benefits of on-premises laundry units for an affordable monthly price. By leasing laundry equipment, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs or breakdowns. Our service technicians take care of all your machines’ maintenance and repair needs. If a machine is no longer functional, we’ll simply replace it, minimizing your downtime and helping you maintain your profit margins. 

Let our knowledgeable associates help you choose the best models for your Orlando laundry facility. We can also help you choose a maintenance plan if you’re interested. Our technicians can help you maintain your laundry units, supporting their longevity and reliable operation. Discover why we have so many long-term customers. Your business can benefit by shopping for new commercial washers and dryers with us.