Coin Laundry Repair and Modern Coinless Options in Orlando

coin laundry repair

If your property has coin-operated washers and dryers, you know how important it is to stay on top of coin laundry repair. All machines need regular maintenance and making sure yours are always in service is a huge benefit to your users. Although coin-operated equipment has been around for a long time, there are other options that could improve the experience for your users and still be cost-effective for you.

  Why Regular Maintenance is Essential for Coin Laundry Machines

Without scheduled maintenance, you could end up with costly coin laundry repair instead. Maintaining the equipment helps keep them operating at full capacity. By scheduling the service during downtime for your laundry machines, you keep your equipment available and running for your users.

Regular maintenance also helps you decrease your utility costs. Clean machines don’t have to work so hard to operate, so they don’t draw extra energy as they would when dirty or not functioning properly. They’ll also last longer when serviced appropriately, just as all machines function better and last longer when they’re cared for. When you don’t get your machines serviced, they’re more likely to break down, leading to more expensive operating costs.

In addition to cleaning clothes, the users of your laundry machines want their experience to be convenient. They need your washers and dryers to be functioning when they go to wash their clothes, not broken down or waiting for the repair technician. Also, they’d like the machines to be clean so they don’t have to worry about what happens when they put their garments in. Regular maintenance can help you spot problems before they get too big (and expensive.) When the equipment is regularly inspected, you have a chance to solve minor problems or see something that needs repair before it breaks down completely.

  Top Causes of Coin Laundry Machine Breakdowns and How to Avoid Them

Unfortunately, it’s not terribly hard to break a washing machine or dryer and require some coin laundry repair before you can put the equipment back in service. Here are some of the most common causes of laundry machine breakdowns.

● Foreign objects falling between the washer tub and basket:

When these items get caught in the pump, the machine can’t drain as usual. That leaves clothing floating in the water, which isn’t very convenient! You can usually open up the machine and remove the objects or have our repair technician take care of that for you.

● Overloaded machines:

Since this one is mainly due to user error, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it, except to make sure you have high-capacity equipment available. Make sure it’s clear how many loads are expected to fit inside each machine if you have multiple sizes available.

● Bad detergent:

Low-quality laundry detergent is also mainly due to user error, and these products can cause buildup in the motor. Regular servicing can help you clear out the residue before it becomes a problem.

● Dirty automatic dispensers:

Similarly, detergents and other laundry products such as bleach and softeners can cause build-up or mold in automatic dispensers. Regular cleaning can help you take care of this.

● Clogged hoses:

If the washer isn’t draining, there may be some buildup in the hose from lint, dirt, etc. Properly setting up your equipment can help, and so will regularly service to clean the hoses out before the obstructions cause bigger issues.

● Overheated motor:

Most machines have an automatic shutdown for the motor to cool off, but this can inconvenience your users. If it keeps happening, you’ve got a repair issue to take care of because there’s a fault somewhere in the equipment.

● Bent quarter problems:

The coin drop on your washers and dryers is designed to let objects that aren’t the right dimension for a quarter to pass through the mechanism and fall into the coin return. However, modern quarters have a tendency to bend and a bent quarter will simply jam the mechanism so it doesn’t work at all. You’ll need to open up the coin drop and remove the coin.

● Coin drop stops working:

Lint can easily stop your coin drop so that users can’t feed their coins into the machine. Either open the drop to clean out the lint, or use a powerful vacuum that can get rid of all the lint without opening the machine up.

  How to Choose the Best Coin Laundry Repair Service in Orlando

If you have coin-operated equipment, you need to make sure it’s running and functional when your users need to wash their clothing. Regular servicing and quick response from your repair technicians are critical for a good experience for both you and your users.

You’ll want a company that has a history of making good time in response to coin laundry repair requests and has excellent customer service. Look for one that offers customized maintenance contracts that fit your budget and the types of laundry machines that you offer on your property. With a laundry room in Orlando, you’re better off with a repair and maintenance team that is also local. Here at Commercial Laundries, we make sure your repairs are done quickly! Give us a call today.

  4 Benefits of Upgrading to Modern Coinless Laundry Systems

Because there are repair and service issues specific to coin-operated systems, you might consider moving to a different type of machine that doesn’t have those issues. Consider a card-operated system, where users insert a laundry card into the machine or newer digital technology where the machines are controlled by an app on the user’s smartphone. Here’s why:

  1. Better user experience:

More generations are using apps for more services in their lives, and upgrading to digital apps will make users feel more comfortable with the laundry experience. Laundry cards are also easier to use than coins for users.

  1. No worries about coin drop issues:

No coin drop, and no concerns about bent quarters or lint buildup in the drop. Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages for both cards and apps, but you may find the tradeoff worth it.

  1. No need to install a change-making machine:

Most commercial laundry providers need a change machine so their users can have the quarters they need, but this requires servicing a change machine as well.

  1. More modern machines with more efficient technology:

While some older equipment can be upgraded from coins to cards or apps, it’s often easier to buy new machines that already have the technology installed. Since energy use grows more efficient with newer machines, buying new equipment allows you to benefit from machines that use less energy and are better for the environment.

  Call Commercial Laundries Today for Coin Laundry Repair or to Upgrade to Coinless Payment Equipment

If you’re searching for a great customer service experience for your commercial laundry equipment, look no further than Commercial Laundries. We’ll work with you to customize your repair and maintenance plan or help you decide what kind of modern washers and dryers you want that take cards or apps instead of coins. We’re right here in Orlando so we can respond quickly when you have an urgent need. Give us a call today at (407) 588-0209 to get started.