Best Commercial Washer and Dryer Options in Orlando

best commercial washer and dryer orlando

If you operate a laundry facility for multi-family home users, you know how important good-quality laundry machines are to your business. Constant breakdowns eat into profit margins and slow down your operation. Commercial Laundries offers sales and leasing plans of the best, top-brand commercial laundry equipment. We offer a wide range of commercial washer and dryer options for all kinds of businesses, including RV parks, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, apartment complexes, and more.

When shopping for new laundry equipment, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the latest options. Today’s top manufacturers continue to develop innovative solutions that can enhance your business or even help you attract more customers. Rely on the associates of Commercial Laundries to help you select commercial washers and dryers that meet the needs of your facility as well as your budget. We can also help you select the ideal service plan for your machines.

  Key Features to Expect in a New Commercial Washer and Dryer

Commercial laundry equipment is available with basic features as well as the most innovative smart solutions. What types of commercial washer and dryer features are ideal for your business? When shopping for new laundry equipment, consider some of the following features:

  • Precision Temperature Control: If you operate a medical facility or hotel, for instance, you can’t risk unsanitized laundry. Many of today’s leading commercial laundry equipment come with superior temperature control options. With more precise settings for temperature, you can ensure that your clothing or other textiles are laundered to your specifications.
  • More Cycle Options: Customers love choice. Look for models that offer a diverse array of cycle options. Choose washing machines that offer heavily soiled options or dryers that provide wrinkle protection. New models even feature self-sanitizing options that make maintaining your equipment easier than ever.
  •  Eco-Friendly Operation: Choosing an energy-efficient washer and dryer can help your laundry business save money. Leading brands like Maytag and Speed Queen have developed models with eco-efficient motors as well as other features that help users conserve water. Not only are these eco-friendly features better for the environment; they’re better for your business budget too.
  • Smart Connectivity: Smart features will bring your laundry center into the 21st century. Many commercial smart washer and dryer models have smart features like smart card readers for online payments and online alerts that tell customers when their wash or dry cycle is complete. For business owners, smart features can even alert you when there’s a problem with one of your laundry machines.

3 Advantages of Leasing a Commercial Washer and Dryer

Many commercial businesses that rely on laundry services are opting to lease instead of buy their laundry equipment. If you’re considering leasing your commercial washer and dryer models, there are a number of benefits you can expect:

  1.   Known Monthly Expenses: When you lease your laundry equipment, you have the advantage of a steady line budget for your machines. You don’t have to replace a broken model unexpectedly or pay for expensive replacement parts. When you lease your laundry machines from Commercial Laundries, we maintain, repair, and replace models.

  2.   Comprehensive Maintenance: When you own your own washers and dryers, it’s your responsibility to maintain them. Leasing laundry machines involves comprehensive maintenance solutions. Commercial Laundries maintain the machines and repairs them if something goes wrong. If something goes really wrong and the machine needs replacing, we’ll manage everything. We’ll remove the inoperable machine and promptly replace it. Your business can focus on other matters while our skilled technicians keep your machines in optimum working condition.

  High-Quality Commercial Washers and Dryers: When you lease washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries, you’ll have access to an inventory of top-notch laundry equipment produced by leading manufacturers. Leasing equipment is more affordable than purchasing it outright. You can lease innovative laundry machines without having to invest in their purchase. In a few years when newer models hit the scene, you can upgrade to ensure you always have the innovative equipment you need.

4 Top Commercial Washer and Dryer Manufacturers

Commercial Laundries carries top-tier laundry equipment manufacturers who are known for their durable and innovative products. When you shop our inventory to lease or purchase commercial washer and dryer equipment, you’ll want to get to know what the following manufacturers have to offer today’s laundry businesses:

  1.   Speed Queen: Speed Queen is one of the most respected names in the commercial laundry business. Its commercial laundry machines are designed to last. Customers can expect 25 years of operation from these units. The company tests its machines meticulously to ensure they can stand up to wash after wash. Speed Queens are found in laundromats all over Orlando as well as all over the country.

  2.   Maytag: Like Speed Queen laundry machines, Maytag washers, and dryers have a reputation for long-lasting, reliable operation. Maytag is also known for its diverse models that feature a wide array of features.

  3.   Whirlpool: Whirlpool washers and dryers combine dependable operation with affordable pricing. Looking for an eco-efficient washer or dryer? Be sure to consider some of Whirlpool’s latest energy-efficient, smart options.

  4.   Miele: Miele has more than 90 years of manufacturing prowess. The company creates washers and dryers for commercial use. Find large-capacity options as well as equipment with innovative smart features.

It can be tough to choose the right brand for your facility. Let a representative from Commercial Laundries assist you. We stay up to date with all of our equipment. We can help you select laundry units that have the features you need.

  Where Can I Find the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer in Orlando?

To find the best commercial washer and dryer selection in Orlando, choose Commercial Laundries. We sell and lease top-notch laundry equipment to multiple business types. Whether you operate spas, hotels, or a small laundry room in an apartment building, you can rely on us for laundry equipment as well as laundry machine service. Our technicians provide maintenance and repair solutions for commercial washers and dryers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about today’s best commercial washing machines and dryers. We can help you select the equipment you need at a price point you can afford. We offer leasing as well as purchasing options.

  Call Commercial Laundries Today to Find the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer in Orlando

If you operate a laundry business in or near Orlando, trust Commercial Laundries for our experienced solutions. We sell, lease, and maintain commercial laundry equipment. You’ll find leading brands like Speed Queen, Whirlpool, Miele, and Maytag in our inventory. Our associates can help you choose models that are ideal for the type of laundry service you need. Tell us about features you’re looking for in your new washers and dryers.

We can also help you set up a laundry maintenance and repair service. With professional maintenance, you can ward off repairs and keep your washers and dryers working optimally. Our service technicians are certified and experienced. Whether you lease or buy your equipment, you can rely on our service techs for prompt repairs simply by setting up your service agreement. To learn more about the latest commercial washer and dryer options in Orlando, visit Commercial Laundries.