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Investing in top-quality, leading brand-name commercial washing machines and dryers is essential for the success of your commercial laundry facility. You are putting your trust in the laundry machines that you are purchasing or leasing to offer pristine cleans that will keep your customers loyal to your facility. Orlando commercial laundry facility owners are searching for the best prices and where to buy washers and dryers in Orlando that are high-quality, modern machines. Commercial Laundries Inc. offers top brands in laundry equipment such as Speed Queen, Miele, Whirlpool, and Maytag. All have exceptional features that provide customers with high-quality cleans and sanitization while also offering benefits to commercial laundry businesses that help to increase profit through efficient loads and high customer satisfaction.

  7 Advantages of New Commercial Laundry Equipment

Operating a multi-family use laundry facility requires staying up to date with modern washing machines and dryers that will be able to withstand the high volume of cycles, while also offering your customers exceptional laundry machines that will provide efficient, thorough cleaning of your clothing and linens.

Investing in brand-new commercial laundry equipment will offer your facility the following benefits:

  1. Flexible payment options for your customers: Newer models of machines have the capacity to include a variety of payment methods that will meet the needs of your customers. There are coin-operated laundry machines as well as coinless options such as card-operated or smartphone app payment methods that will open multiple payment possibilities to your customers.
  2. Eco-friendly settings that reduce the costs of your operations: Modern commercial laundry machines have eco-friendly features that enable your laundry cycles to use reduced levels of water and minimize energy utilized in each load. As your machines use less energy and resources, it helps to reduce the utility costs of your commercial laundry facility.
  3. Higher efficiency in cycle times: Newer laundry machine models come equipped with specific cleaning functions and power washes that will target the levels of sanitation and cleanliness you require while reducing the time it takes to complete a load of laundry
  4. Minimize the costs associated with maintenance or repairs: Having newer models of washing machines and dryers will allow you to have top-quality equipment that will not break down or have any ongoing mechanical issues. You can be assured that your customers will be able to rely on your laundry machines to get the job done each time.
  5. High-quality cleans and dries for all clothes and linens: With specific clean and dry cycles, your customers will be able to put any size load of laundry, heavily soiled items, and delicate loads in your laundry machines and have all laundry come out of the machine looking fresh, clean, and brand new.
  6. Improve the appearance of your commercial laundry facility: First impressions go a long way in business and how your customers perceive your laundry facility is critical for having high volumes of returning customers. When you have new, modern equipment, it enhances the look of your business and provides customers with the assurance that you take pride in offering customers the best, top-quality machines for their satisfaction.
  7. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty: Orlando residents that are accessing a commercial laundry facility want to know that they are able to complete their laundry with top-brand name machines that offer high-powered cleans. Newer laundry machines will ensure that your customers are satisfied and will ensure that they continue to rely upon and trust your facility each time they need to complete laundry.

  Where to Buy Commercial Laundry Machines in Orlando

Finding the right commercial laundry equipment for your facilities is easier than ever with the support of Commercial Laundries Inc. Our Florida residents have trusted our family-owned business for over 50 years to support laundry facility owners with high-quality machines with exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable team will get to know the needs of your business and help you locate the best equipment that will meet the demand of your personal laundry facility and your customers. We offer a number of washing machines and dryers, new or used, that have versatile methods of payments for your customers from card-operated, coin-operated, or smartphone app payment methods that will increase the traffic in your facility and maximize the profit of your business.

Our focus is offering Florida residents top-brand name machines for purchase or lease. Our team will support you in finding the best price for top-selling machines at a reasonable rate that will work within your budget.

As we are a Florida-based company, we value the beauty of this state and want to do our part to give back to the natural environment. Our goal is to offer commercial business owners laundry machines that will work to preserve the Floridian ecosystem by providing our customers with environmentally friendly machines that protect the emissions of energy or usage of water which also helps to reduce the operational costs of running a laundry facility.

  Can I Lease Commercial Laundry Machines in Orlando?

Commercial Laundries is the leading company for customers looking to buy or lease commercial laundry machines and equipment in Orlando, FL. Our inventory is full of the best name-brand laundry machines that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and have the highest-ranking technologies and functions that enhance your customers’ laundry experience.

Visit us in person or online to see the wide selection of washing machines and dryers that propel the satisfaction of your customers and offer top-quality finishes that will keep your customers coming back. Speak with one of our representatives today to find the best solution for your facility and explore our purchasing and leasing options today. Call us for FREE QUOTE at 407-588-0209.