Commercial Laundry Equipment Orlando

Top Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment

When it comes to the durability, performance, and technology of washing machines, some brands simply stand out as the best. Some of the top brands of commercial laundry equipment Orlando businesses can buy for efficiency, convenience, profitability, and overall performance include:

Speed Queen

Speed Queen washers and dryers are heavy-duty and are made for durability and reliability, even under heavy use. Built with minimal moving parts, made from strong metal components, and with a simple and effective electronic interface, they are easy to repair, and their coin or card operation systems are easy for residents or customers to use. You can count on commercial-grade Speed Queen machines to last.


Over the past 100 years, Maytag has become a valid household name, because their appliances are known for their dependability, and they are engineered to last through thousands of laundry cycles. The top-loading and front-loading machines made by Maytag are efficient and energy-saving, with intuitive controls and smart washing machine capabilities. Coin-operated, card-operated, and app-operated functionalities are available with this brand.


Whirlpool commercial washers and dryers are the perfect addition to any laundry room or laundromat business. Known for efficiency and reliability, adding Whirlpool laundry machines to your laundry space will reduce energy and water usage, innovative designs, and their easy-to-use controls will ensure clients are satisfied, keeping them coming back to your establishment.


Miele has been a successful, family-owned brand since 1899. Their home appliances are durable, high-performance machines that are energy efficient, easy to use, and expertly designed. Your customers will love their modern features and simple interfaces, and you will love their water- and energy-saving, reliable design.

Leasing vs. Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando, Florida

Whether you are looking to purchase or lease commercial laundry equipment, Orlando residents and small business owners can trust Commercial Laundries Inc. to provide only the best new or used laundry equipment you can get. To equip your shared building laundry room with what you need, your options are as follows:

Purchasing New Laundry Equipment

Buying new washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries will provide you with access to the highest quality machines with state-of-the-art technology offering selectable settings, digital displays, water temperature selections, and other features that clean laundry better and faster, and provide a customizable laundry experience your residents or clients will love. High-performance, well-built machines are all Energy Star certified for cost-saving efficiency. New machines have high-end stainless steel or porcelain washtubs, and all-metal components instead of plastic.

Choose matching washers and dryers to give your laundry business an attractive sense of cohesion, and to make it easier for your customers to use. Some models even feature reversible doors, allowing you to customize your laundry space for better efficiency and flow, and we offer ADA-Compliant machines that meet the needs of those with low mobility or those who are in wheelchairs.

Purchasing Used Equipment

If you are looking for the lowest prices, or if your budget is tight, purchasing used laundry equipment for your small business may be the way to go. At Commercial Laundries, we professionally refurbish commercial laundry equipment, ensuring they will last for years as you work to start your new small laundry establishment. We understand your needs, and we provide only the highest quality commercial washers that you can depend on. Every machine is inspected, with all necessary parts replaced by our specially trained mechanics, to bring them back up to the status of new machines. Parts are made from durable metal instead of plastic which can easily bend and break, and the inner and outer washtubs are made from stainless steel, withstanding long-term use without corroding or rusting.

Each machine is also Energy Star certified to provide high-efficiency and cost-saving capability, using less water, gas, and electricity than other brands.

You can trust that our used washers and dryers will operate smoothly from day one, and as they are built to last, they will be more than capable of enduring everyday use. They will be affordable, efficient, and powerful, offering high-performance washing and drying to your laundromat or laundry room.

Leasing Plans

Leasing your laundry equipment with Commercial Laundries is often the best choice for businesses that plan on growing and staying profitable, long-term. Our sales team can work with you to create a customized leasing contract that can get your laundry business started right away. We will deliver and connect machines, and all leasing contracts include the cost of routine maintenance and repair calls. Our team has a large warehouse stocked with laundromat equipment, accessories, and parts, making repair times quicker. We make it easy for you to run your laundry business, and you can provide your customers with top brand names like Speed Queen, Miele, Whirlpool, and Maytag.

To find out more about the lease options available to you, call Commercial Laundries today at 305-699-3974 for a FREE, no-obligation quote to get started.

5 Features of Modern Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether they are new or used, when you have commercial equipment washers and dryers in your Orlando facility, you will be able to choose from modern commercial laundry equipment features like:

  • Coin-operated washers and dryers with large-capacity, tamper-resistant coin vaults.
  • Card-operated machines with new card technology that allows electronic data storage and access, with reloadable cards allowing for easy, convenient, coin-free operation clients will love
  • Digital displays that are easy to use for customer convenience.
  • App-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled smart laundry equipment that reminds you to do routine maintenance, allows you to troubleshoot issues remotely, and keeps track of earnings, along with energy and water use.
  • Some app-controlled washers and dryers have settings that let users customize laundry choices and get alerts.

inside dryer

Commercial Laundries Has All the Top Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Commercial Laundries is a family-owned business offering all the laundry equipment Orlando businesses need. We are the largest supplier of laundry equipment to businesses, hotels, residences, and other commercial facilities throughout Florida. If you are not sure what will be best for your laundry facility, our team of knowledgeable and friendly salespeople will happily help guide you in your purchase or go over leasing options, depending on your budget and your long-term business goals.

Please call our sales team today at 305-699-3974 to learn more about purchasing or leasing laundry machines and accessories. 

Our team not only provides your business with high-level customer service, but we also offer customized payment plans, a quick turnaround and delivery time, and the best leasing options for your laundry business, with regular service calls and repairs provided by our in-house mechanics and technicians who stay up-to-date on all of the major brands’ technological advances and innovations, to serve your needs better. Whether you are building a new business or upgrading your existing laundry facility, we can help make it an efficient and profitable endeavor.