Speed Queen Commercial Washers in Orlando

How to Find the Best Brands in Town

Orlando is a big city, with many appliance stores offering several big-name brands. When it comes to purchasing a new washer and dryer set for your home, or setting up a laundry room inside a multi-family housing unit, a vacation rental home, or a laundry-based business, you need to choose machines that will be the following:

  • Long-lasting: The last thing you want is to have your machines down and out, needing repairs. The more often your machines need repairs or replacing, the more money they are costing you. From the repair bills to the customers that you have to turn away, a less-resilient machine may end up causing you to lose your hard-earned profits.
  • Efficient: Let’s be honest, you started your business to make a profit, so why would you want to select commercial washers and dryers that cost you extra money on your power and water bills? The more efficiently your machines run, the more money you will save in the long run. Not to mention, a more efficient laundry facility is better for the environment and will appeal to more customers.
  • Safe and easy to clean: Your laundry machines need to be kept up to safety standards, and you need to clean them regularly in order to avoid dangerous fire hazards or smelly mold and mildew issues. Your laundry machines need to be easy to clean, with few nooks and crannies and made from rust and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Easy for customers to use: If you have laundry machines that are too difficult to use the average laundry customer may feel overwhelmed or frustrated and decide to go to another business for their laundry needs. The more attachments, digital settings, and unnecessary gadgets your washer has will also give it more opportunities to break down and need costly repairs.

Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are the top brand for many Orlando laundry businesses, offering ease of use and efficiency to customers, while providing long-lasting and reliable service to you, with fewer repairs and maintenance calls needed.

7 Benefits of Speed Queen Commercial Washers

Speed queen commercial washers have a number of benefits that make them one of the best brands of washing machines, meeting all your laundry needs. Some of these benefits include:

  1. High-quality washing capabilities: Your clients’ and tenants’ clothing will get clean, just the way they want it to when using a Speed Queen commercial washer. The machines have a variety of settings to customize a laundry experience, and they are high-powered and meet all efficiency standards. If you have Speed Queen commercial washers in your laundry facility, you will be much more likely to attract customers because of their ease of use, their advanced cleaning capabilities, and their intuitive controls.
  2. Longevity and durability: If you equip your laundry room with Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers you will have to make fewer repair calls and pay less in service fees than with other brands due to their high-quality metal parts that have been made to last. Speed Queen washers have a durable steel base that keeps the machines balanced. With their high-performance motors, corrosion protection, and robust, quality construction, they have a lifetime of 10,400 cycles or around 25 years. Speed Queen machines have also been constructed with fewer moving parts to reduce wear and tear, and they have been built to withstand power surges, resuming wash cycles after a brownout. Even the buttons are long-lasting, built to withstand about 100,000 presses.
  3. High-tech and user-friendly: Use Speed Queen’s management software if you want to offer credit card payments, app-enabled laundry notifications, and more. With this software you can also monitor your energy usage and more, keeping you informed on all aspects of your laundry business.  
  4. Easy to clean and repair: As a business owner, you will be glad to know that even if your Speed Queen commercial washers do require repairs, they are easy to do, as the components are mainly mechanical in nature with minimal electronics, they are heavy-duty, and built-to-last. Mold and mildew are not big issues with Speed Queen as compared to other major brands, and they are easy to clean, making your everyday maintenance a breeze.
  5. Fast, heavy-duty washing power: Speed Queen commercial washers have settings your customers will love, with heavy-duty wash performance using heavy-duty drive motors, and a tub that can fill with hot water for soaking and washing even the biggest and toughest loads of towels, blankets, work clothes, or anything else your clients need to be cleaned. Loads can be finished in times as fast as 30 minutes, whereas other brands may take up to an hour for the same job.
  6. Integrity and customer care: Speed Queen is well-known for its customer service, and they have a good reputation for taking care of its customer’s needs. If you were to require service or had any questions regarding your washing machine’s performance, you would be guaranteed to have the support you needed from the Speed Queen customer service team.
  7. Made in the USA: Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are made and manufactured in Ripton, Wisconsin. You can feel good about spending your money locally with the Speed Queen brand.

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Don’t Forget About Speed Queen Commercial Dryers, Too

The best thing to pair with Speed Queen commercial washers is their dryer counterparts. Speed Queen commercial dryers are just as easy to use for small to heavy-duty laundry loads. Having Speed Queen dryers in your laundry facility will increase your customer satisfaction rate, while improving the value of your business, as they run quickly and efficiently, with little room for user error.

Speed Queen dryers use a patented Axial Airflow system that dries clothes efficiently, for a faster drying time overall, which will save your customers time, and save you money on your power bill.  The electronic controls are designed for reliable operation, even after years of intense usage, with a multi-layered circuit board with a moisture barrier backing, and strong component adhesive holding it all together. Speed Queen is a trusted brand, because they use fewer moving parts than other brands, preferring to build their machines out of materials that will last like stainless steel rather than cheap, breakable plastic parts. As their motto goes, “Commercial grade means better made.”

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