Orlando Commercial Laundry Equipment: How to Pick the Best Washers and Dryers

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Shopping for Orlando commercial laundry equipment?

Rely on Commercial Laundries to purchase or lease the best commercial washing machines and dryers in town. If you own or operate a laundry center or laundromat, you need laundry machines you can depend on. Today’s commercial laundry equipment boasts a wide array of features like advanced connectivity, online payments, analytics, improved energy efficiency, and more. 

The difficulty for shoppers is attempting to choose laundry machines that are ideal for their facility’s needs. Today, top brands produce washers and dryers with terrific functionality. How can you choose the best Orlando commercial laundry equipment for your laundry center? Here, we’ll explain how to make your selection. 

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Orlando: A Sunny City in Florida 

Orlando is one of the country’s great vacation destinations with its theme parks, world-class hotels, and sunny weather. Home to more than 300,000 residents, the city also attracts throngs of visitors every year. Orlando began as a settlement encompassing about four streets and was eventually incorporated as a city in 1885. Orlando owes its early success to the citrus industry. Until the great freeze of 1895, the city was a central hub of the state’s citrus production. 

Through the early years of the 20th century, Orlando began to attract vacationers and became known as a resort town. However, it wasn’t until 1865 that the city would become one of the nation’s most celebrated vacation centers. When Walt Disney built his theme park Disney World in the city, Orlando would become a leading destination for tourism. Today, the city is filled with a dizzying array of tourist attractions in addition to Disney World. Some of these attractions include Universal Theme Parks, SeaWorld Orlando, Gatorland, Orlando Science Center, and more. 

Of course, Orlando’s sunshine and subtropical climate also attract visitors who want to escape the colder temperatures of the north. The city’s hot season can be quite humid with temperatures ranging above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but for vacationers who like steamy weather, they’ll be quite pleased with the city’s balmy climate. During the rainy season, from November to April, the city generally enjoys more moderate temperatures ranging in the 60s-70s. Orlando’s pleasant climate is one of its many charms.

To complement its thriving tourism industry, Orlando also features a myriad of restaurants, hotels, resorts, and shopping centers. To accommodate Orlando’s growing population, apartment centers and condominium buildings continue to attract new residents to town. In order to serve the needs of the city residents, laundry facility owners provide access to top-notch laundry machines. 

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How to Choose Commercial Laundry Equipment in Orlando 

Whether your commercial laundry facility serves the needs of Orlando’s residents or its visitors, you’ll want to select the best Orlando commercial laundry equipment for your business. But how do you choose laundry machines for your facility? Consider the following factors when choosing commercial washers and dryers.

Online Payments

Many Orlando laundromats and apartment complexes still feature coin-operated washers and dryers. These have been a fixture in laundry centers for decades. Today, however, laundry facility owners are upgrading their equipment to card operated washers and dryers. These smart washers and dryers allow for convenient payments. Customers can easily transfer funds from their bank account to their smart laundry card. Then, they simply pay for their laundry service with their smart card or an online app. If you want to attract more customers to your laundry facility, consider upgrading to Orlando commercial laundry equipment that accepts online payments or smart laundry cards.


When shopping for commercial laundry machines, be sure to consider some of the best brands. Brands like Speed Queen, Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool produce high-quality laundry machines that are known for their durability and advanced functionality. As a commercial laundry facility, you need laundry equipment that you can depend on. These brands have a reputation for their great designs and energy-efficient operation. Today’s leading laundry equipment manufacturers also produce equipment that has a diverse range of features. Look for brands that offer laundry machines with the features you want to offer your customers. 

Energy Efficiency

Shop for energy-efficient washers and dryers that have the functionality you need, but also help you save money on water and energy. Older washers and dryers can’t boast the energy-efficient operation that today’s new models can. Many of the best brands offer models with outstanding energy efficiency. If you want to improve your operation’s bottom line, be sure to search for washers and dryers that have the Energy Star label. Lower your utility costs with brand new Orlando commercial laundry equipment.

Must-Have Features

As you shop for new laundry machines, take time to investigate features that your customers are likely looking for. For instance, features like moisture sensors, large capacity designs, and wrinkle reduction steam can attract customers. There are also machines that operators can look for such as self-washing functions and load-balancing tub designs.

Smart Operation and Analytics

New washing machines and dryers with smart functionality offer many benefits. Customers can receive alerts when their wash cycle is complete. One of the most exciting features of smart washers and dryers is the access to analytics that they offer commercial laundry center owners. You can log into the app to determine how much each machine is earning each day. Easily find out how much water your machines are using so you can calculate your expenses. 

Service Plans

It’s easy to focus on washer and dryer features when shopping for new commercial laundry equipment. However, be sure to investigate service plans too. Most washing machines and dryers require maintenance and even repairs at some point. Your business depends on its machines to make a profit. When any of those machines go down, even temporarily, your operation can suffer. Having a service plan in place means that you can expect prompt service from experienced laundry machine technicians.

Commercial Laundries Has the Best Washers and Dryers in Orlando

When you shop for commercial washers and dryers in Orlando, be sure to consider Commercial Laundries and our many options. For one, we sell and lease commercial laundry equipment. If you purchase washers and dryers, you can still arrange a service plan with us. Our technicians are highly experienced and provide the fast maintenance and repair solutions customers expect. 

Many of our customers are interested in leasing washers and dryers rather than purchasing them. We offer laundry equipment leasing solutions. Why lease? When you lease laundry machines from Commercial Laundries, you can enjoy hassle-free service. If a machine has a problem, you can simply contact us and we’ll send a technician to your Orlando facility to repair the machine or replace it. Customers can lease the types of machines that they want to outfit their laundry center with.

If you are ready to purchase or lease new Orlando commercial laundry equipment, contact Commercial Laundries. We offer a wide array of equipment for customers to choose from. Let us help you select laundry machines that offer the functionality you and your customers need. Our associates can help you choose the best laundry equipment for your facility. We can also help you arrange service plans for your facility’s machines.