Should My Condo Lease Laundry Equipment?

Should My Condo Lease Laundry Equipment?

If you own a condominium building or several, you might be wondering if it’s better to lease laundry equipment for your condo’s laundry facility or to purchase and maintain the equipment. How you operate your condominium building’s laundry facility is, naturally, a major decision as it will involve investment either way and may impact the quality of services you provide to those who live in your condos. Many condominium owners in Orlando, Florida turn to Commercial Laundries for laundry machine rentals and sales. If you want to lease laundry equipment, you should know the advantages of this course of action. We’ve outlined some information here to ensure that you understand the benefits of commercial laundry equipment leasing and why this might be the ideal laundry service solution for your condominium. 

Commercial Laundries: Leasing Laundry Equipment in Orlando

The Orlando condominium real estate market is highly competitive. How can you make your condo community and its services attract buyers and keep them satisfied? The more you can offer your residents in terms of services and amenities the better. Laundry is something most condo residents reflect upon when shopping for a condo. Residents expect a convenient means to launder their clothing. Providing residents with world-class laundry facilities or a laundry room on each floor of your building is a service that will not go unnoticed by potential buyers and residents. 

Of course, how you choose to outfit your laundry facilities matters. If you purchase your commercial washing machines and dryers, you’ll also be tasked to maintain them and update them when they become unreliable. That may be more investment and work for property owners or property management companies than they want to tackle. In such cases, leasing laundry equipment may be the best option for providing excellent laundry solutions for condominium residents. 


Reasons to Lease Laundry Equipment

Not sure if leasing laundry equipment is the right option for your condominium’s laundry facilities? It’s a major decision. Take time to explore these reasons why leasing your condo’s laundry equipment might be the best solution for you and your condo residents.

Top-Tier Commercial Laundry Machines

When you lease laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, you can expect to outfit your condo laundry facilities with top-quality commercial laundry machines. Brands like Speed Queen and Maytag have a reputation throughout the commercial laundry industry for their reliable function. We continually invest in the best laundry machine brands to serve our customers and live up to our reputation as the best washer and dryer leasing and sales company in Orlando, Florida. 

Commercial Laundries features a wide selection of high-quality commercial washers and dryers for lease as well as for sale. Depending on the size of your laundry room or center, we can help you choose the ideal models for your space. We feature compact stackable laundry machines as well as high-capacity, full-size units. Our leasing representatives can help you choose the best options for your condo.

Affordable Monthly Costs with No Surprise Expenses

When you lease commercial washing machines and dryers, you can dispense with surprise repair costs. If a machine breaks down and needs replacement–no problem. We will replace it. That means that you don’t have to shoulder any additional costs. You simply pay your monthly leasing bill and we take care of the rest. Knowing your monthly expenses makes it easier to budget, which is a major reason why leasing laundry equipment is popular with property owners and property management companies.

Professional Laundry Machine Installation 

Proper laundry unit installation is crucial for the safety of your facility and the proper functioning of your laundry machines. When you lease washing machines and dryers from Commercial Laundries, you can rely on our skilled and certified technicians to properly install all machines. After installing each machine, we’ll take time to ensure that it’s ready for operation. 

Service Plans

Leasing laundry equipment means that if something goes wrong with the washer or dryer, you don’t have to line up a repair contractor or replace your machines. You simply contact Commercial Laundries and we perform any maintenance, repairs, or replacements that are needed. It’s that simple and convenient!

Coin-Operated and Laundry Card Options

Property owners can lease the ideal laundry machines for their facility. Choose from our traditional coin-operated machines or our smart laundry card options. Not sure which to choose? Let our leasing associates discuss the ins and outs of each. You might even opt for both!

Satisfied Residents

When you install high-quality washers and dryers at your condominium’s laundry center, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re providing your residents with the services they need and expect. Happy residents help fuel your success.


How Does Service Work with Leased Laundry Equipment?

One of the most compelling reasons to lease laundry equipment is the service agreement that comes with a leasing plan. Commercial Laundries of Orlando, FL, offers multiple service packages as well as service agreements that are outlined in our laundry machine leasing contracts. We feature a team of professional laundry maintenance professionals who are familiar with leading commercial washing machine and dryer brands like Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, and others. 

Essentially, if your laundry machine is not functioning optimally, you or your property management manager simply contact us and we’ll schedule a service call. We’ll send a skilled maintenance technician to your Orlando condo to troubleshoot and repair your washer or dryer. It’s that simple. 

What if the laundry machine needs a major repair or new part replacement? We understand that washing machine or dryer downtime impacts your ability to serve your residents. That’s why we stock most replacement parts so that we’re able to provide repair services as quickly as possible. We also work closely with our suppliers so that if we need fast shipping of new parts, we can access them fast. 

In the event that a washing machine or dryer is no longer serviceable because of damage, we’ll simply replace it with a reliable model. You don’t have to shop for a new unit or hire your own repair technicians. Commercial Laundries provides the repair and replacement service you need when you lease laundry equipment from us.

Make Your Condo’s Laundry Room Special with Help from Commercial Laundries Orlando

Every condo in your building is a home. Without proper laundry facilities, your condo building isn’t providing the service that most condo residents require. To keep your residents satisfied, it’s important to provide them with services and amenities that fulfill their needs–and that includes laundry facilities. When you lease washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries, you can expect top-quality machines that work reliably, providing residents with outstanding function and earning you profit on your services. Commercial Laundries also offers the best service and maintenance in the Orlando, FL, region. Our technicians are licensed and highly skilled. They’ll keep your laundry machines in optimum condition. 

Contact Commercial Laundries to discuss our washing machine and dryer leasing solutions. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years. Our machines are found all over the region in condos, apartment building laundry centers, hotels, laundromats, and more. Discover why we are Orlando’s go-to choice for laundry machine leasing and sales.