4 Advantages of Leasing vs Buying Laundry Equipment

4 Advantages of Leasing vs Buying Laundry Equipment (1)

If you’re a property owner with an Orlando laundry facility, you may be wondering whether it’s better to purchase or lease laundry equipment for your business or multi-housing property. Equipment leasing is associated with benefits, including new model updates and maintenance and repair services. Use this leasing equipment overview to determine if it’s ideal for your business to lease commercial laundry equipment or to purchase commercial laundry machines with financing options.

  Commercial Laundries: Advantages of Leasing Laundry Equipment

There are many benefits of leasing commercial laundry machines for Orlando multifamily housing facilities, mobile home parks, and apartment buildings. Laundry equipment, even with multiple financing options, can be an expensive investment. When paired with the expense of maintenance and repairs of your washers and dryers, you might find that not much is left in the way of profit.

  1.   Cost Predictability

When you lease a commercial top load washer or single load dryer, you’ll have predictable payments each month. If the front load dryer breaks down, you don’t have to worry about replacing it; your leasing company will. Our highly qualified team of mechanics will be on the scene the same day. You can budget easily when you know exactly what your laundry system is costing you each month.

  1.   Maintenance and Repair Agreements

Leasing commercial laundry equipment involves maintenance and repair agreements. After all, the Speed Queen washer or stack dryer belongs to our warehouse, and we take pride in our machines being top-notch. We frequently provide a service agreement included in your lease. If the commercial front-control-front-load washer needs a new belt or the single load dryer isn’t blowing hot air, you can contact our service department without worrying about the cost of repair. That’s an advantage for many types of on-premise laundry facilities in Orlando. If you own a multi-housing apartment complex, you don’t want to be burdened by the frequent washer and dryer repairs, and neither do your tenants.

  1.   Try Out New Models

If you have an existing laundry facility that features coin-laundry machines, you can lease updated commercial laundry equipment that’s card-operated and uses a smart app for payment. If you aren’t sure you want to purchase a card-operated commercial stack washer-dryer, you can lease it to test how it performs and how your residents or customers prefer smart card-operated laundry equipment.

  1.   Revenue Sharing and Purchase Options

Many laundry businesses that offer leasing agreements feature revenue-sharing arrangements and purchase options. Today, the laundry industry offers laundry businesses many different options when it comes to commercial equipment leasing. Before purchasing or leasing equipment for your business, be sure to investigate all of your options carefully.

There are many advantages to leasing commercial washers and dryers for your Orlando laundry facility. Discuss the benefits of leasing your commercial top-loading laundry machines with your management team, and connect with our sales team at Commercial Laundries Orlando to find out more about our specific equipment leasing plans.