Smart Washing Machines: What Are They?

Smart Washing Machines What Are They

Smart washers and dryers are finding themselves in laundromats, apartment complexes, mobile home park laundry facilities, and homes over the country. If you’re considering upgrading your coin-operated laundry equipment, you’ll want to know all the advantages of your investment. Today, smart-washing machines and dryers have become the preferred laundry equipment for many residents in Orlando, FL., and South Florida. But what exactly are they, and why should you buy this type of commercial laundry equipment for your facility? Continue reading to find out.

  What Are Smart Washers and Dryers?

If you have a smart-home or kitchen appliance, you may already know that it connects to Wi-fi, allowing you to access it from your smartphone. State-of-the-art in their design, smart-commercial washers and dryers operate without a coin slide or coin-operated payment systems. Instead, these machines are card-operated laundry equipment. Users load their laundry cards using the app, LaundryValue, with their payments, and are able to start the cycle after swiping their card.

  What Type of Card-Operated Laundry Equipment Is for Sale in Orlando?

When shopping for card operated Speed Queens with custom cycles or a smart dryer with steam functionality, you can expect a wide selection of new and used smart washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries. Miele or Maytag top load washing machines are available with smart features. Voice commands, super speed front control washers, or a top load washing machine with multiple wash cycles. Card-operated laundry equipment is available in many styles, including stackable washers and dryers. You can outfit your commercial laundry equipment facility with smart-commercial stack washer-dryer sets, mega capacity smart-washing machines, top loading washer dryers, and more.

  New and Used Smart Washing Machines and Dryers

As you shop for a smart commercial front load washer or a smart-commercial rear control single dryer, your management team will have to consider investing in new or used laundry equipment. You may also consider commercial laundry equipment leasing. You will still be able to find coin-operated washing machines and dryers if that is your preference. If you purchase new smart-washing equipment and dryers, they always come with a warranty, unlike used washers and dryer sets. Leasing laundry equipment for your next top load washer or stack dryer means you can expect maintenance and repairs for your machines by our knowledgeable technicians.

Smart washers and dryers will allow you to create a cashless laundry facility. Users and residents of apartment complexes and mobile home parks in Orlando increasingly prefer card-operated laundry equipment because it’s more convenient. As the owner of an all-in-one washer or washer and dryer set, you can easily use your laundry app to find out how much your card-operated laundry machines earn daily. That’s not something you can conveniently do with coin-operated laundry equipment. Call Commercial Laundries today to get a FREE QUOTE and make the changes your laundry facility needs.