Where to Buy Coin Laundry Machines in Orlando

Where to Buy Coin Laundry Machines in Orlando

Whether you operate laundromat businesses, family laundry center, or laundry express in Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, or South Florida, you need reliable and efficient commercial laundry equipment. You can purchase local laundry equipment in Orlando to save substantially on shipping costs. Commercial laundries Orlando and nearby commercial laundry equipment sellers feature both new and used coin operated washers and dryers in various types, sizes, and brands. Whether you’re searching for a front loading washer or commercial stack washerdryer, you can find models that suit your facility’s needs. 

New, Used, and Leased Laundry Machines in Orlando

When shopping for commercial laundry equipment in Orlando, you’ll have a few options to consider. You can purchase new or used coin operated laundry equipment or mobile-pay machines or you can lease your commercial washer and dryers. If you purchase new or certified refurbished commercial washer and drying equipment, you will own the machines and need to maintain them. However, reputable laundry businesses that sell name-brand equipment like Speed Queen will explain your warranties in detail. 

If you opt to lease your commercial top load washer or single load dryer, you won’t own the units. You’ll make a monthly payment for their use. The leasing company will maintain your laundry equipment–and update the machines as needed. What option will work best for your laundromat businesses or mobile home parks laundry facilities? If you do choose to lease, be sure to get a comprehensive equipment overview from the laundry company’s management team. 

Choosing Commercial Washers and Dryers for Your Laundry Facility

As a business, you’re naturally concerned about profitability. When choosing laundry equipment, look for energy-efficient machines from manufacturers that have an environmental commitment. Energy-efficient commercial top load washer and commercial rear control single dryer, for instance, will save you money with each use. 

Also, consider the types of laundry machines that your customers are looking for. Speed Queen coin laundry in Orlando is popular with users because cycles are easy to customize. In addition to coin laundry washing machines and dryers, there are also machines with a laundry app so that customers can make their laundry payments online. If you’re purchasing several machines, you might opt for the same types or choose different models such as a front load washer, top loading dryer, or stack dryer. 

Choosing a Company to Purchase from

When choosing a laundry company to purchase or lease laundry equipment from, look for five star ratings. Whether shopping with a family owned and operated business or a chain, be sure that the business carries name brand equipment and features a wide variety of high-quality washing machines and dryers. Coin slide operated laundry machines come in many different models. Additionally, see if the business also features dry cleaning equipment and wash, dry, fold solutions. 

If you operate a laundry business or dry cleaners business, you can find great deals on laundries Orlando equipment. Once you locate an Orlando business, fill out its contact form to find out about the equipment and services it offers.