Where To Find Maytag Coin Operated Washing Machines

Where To Find Maytag Coin Operated Washing Machines

At Commercial Laundries, we value the need for high performance washers and dryers that will meet the needs of the tenants and customers attending your laundry facilities. Whether you are operating a multi housing or apartment complex laundry room or if you are operating a laundromat facility, having high quality coin operated laundry equipment will ensure that your patrons will have access to efficient, reliable laundry equipment that will provide quality clean clothes. A commercial laundry facility has a large volume of individuals using your commercial laundry equipment which will require washers and dryers that can withstand that high usage and wear and tear that comes with frequent use. At Commercial Laundries, we offer a variety of high performance, trustworthy Maytag coin operated washers and dryers that will provide long lasting laundry equipment that can rely on.

When you think about top name brand laundry machines and laundry products, the most commonly known washers and dryers for laundry is the brand Maytag. At Commercial Laundries Orlando, we provide the latest models of Maytag commercial laundromat equipment that offers a variety of laundry payment methods. While there may be some laundromats that offer a payment system of card operated machines, one tried and tested payment method that is accessible for all is coin operated commercial washer and commercial dryers. Payment methods that are card operated can require the use of mobile apps or need the individual to load a card before using the laundry equipment. With coin operated washers and dryers, it provides an option that is readily accessible for each person without having to worry about technology to pay as it requires a simple coin drop to begin each cycle.

Laundry owners have the option of choosing from a variety of Maytag coin operated washers and dryers that will meet the needs and demands of your laundry facilities. Choosing a Maytag commercial front load machine which provides a high quality performance that supports a balanced and evenly distributed loads of laundry that will ensure properly clean clothes and linens while ensuring that your front load washing machine does not become overworked or in need of ongoing maintenance. Maytag coin operated front load washing machines support reduced energy and water waste through effective spin cycles and smaller water flow running through the washing machines.

Maytag commercial laundry machines are offered in top load washer formats that offer easy to use front controls and functions for all users. With a variety of speeds and temperature settings, individuals will be able to find the appropriate setting that will provide fresh, crisp clean clothes free of rips or tears from overuse. Top load washers are equipped with an automatic suspension system that helps to balance the laundry scales and ensure a thorough wash is completed each cycle.

Other laundry owners may prefer a stack washer and dryer unit that allows for optimal space within your facility and will still provide excellent results in your laundry products. Maytag commercial laundry machines offer a coin operated top load dryer and washer that is durable and creates efficient results each time it is used. These machines are ADA compliant and provide a quiet, blower system that lower the noise while you are doing laundry allowing for customers to have peace and quiet as they are completing their laundry. The easy to use front controls provide simple operational procedures and allow for anyone to use the washers and dryers with ease.

Choosing the top name brand Maytag for your commercial laundry facility provides laundry owners with the peace of mind of knowing that the laundry equipment you purchase from Commercial Laundries will have the durability, longevity, and reliability to withstand the high volume of usage anticipated for your laundry facilities. We offer payment systems including buying new washers and dryers, purchasing used machines, or leasing your laundry equipment to provide a variety of options and accessibility to equip your laundry facility with the trusted name brand Maytag. Contact us today to find out which Maytag coin operated machine is best for your facility and our team is happy to find the perfect laundry systems today.