Buying a Smart Washer and Dryer for Condos in Orlando

Buying a Smart Washer and Dryer for Condos in Orlando

Orlando has no seemingly no end of condos, and more are constructed each year to keep up with the housing needs of full-time residents, snowbirds, and vacationers. Each condominium building has its own distinctive character like unique views, high-end amenities, or a terrific local scene. But something all condominium buildings need are washers and dryers. For property managers and condominium associations, front loading or top loading smart washers and dryers for condos in Orlando make a smart investment. Not only can smart load washing machines and dryers improve the functionality of your laundry facilities; they can also enhance your facility’s profitability.

Smart Washing Machines and Dryers Explained

Smart washers and dryers are connected to Wi-Fi like a smart kitchen appliance or other smart appliance models, so that affords people with more control over these appliances’ functions. Not only are they digital appliances, they can be controlled via a user’s smartphone or other connective device. A standard washer and dryer cannot, for instance, alert you when a wash or drying cycle has been completed. They can’t monitor energy usage the way smart washers and dryers can. All the added functionality that comes with smart washing machines and dryers can help simplify and streamline condo laundry facilities in Orlando. A smart washer with builtin features can offer a wealth of information for users that standard home appliances cannot. With a connected appliance, users and owners have more functionality they can access simply from an app on your phone.

Benefits of Smart Washers and Dryers for Condo Residents

Orlando condo residents can look forward to many benefits from laundry facilities that operate smart washing machines and dryers. These benefits typically include:

  • Remotely monitor laundry cycles from a smart device
  • Receive alerts when washing or drying cycle is completed
  • Change laundry settings remotely
  • Accepts voice commands
  • Easy to use
  • Track each cycle–start cycle, spin cycle, and more
  • Features mega capacity
  • Download custom cycles, including sanitizing cycle
  • Remotely start or stop the unit
  • Accepts smart payments

The increased functionality and convenience associated with Wi-Fi connective washers and dryers provides residents with the modern, updated amenities they’re often looking for when shopping for Orlando condos. 

Benefits of Smart Washers and Dryers for Property Managers

Smart capable washers and dryers provide property owners and managers with some outstanding benefits that make investing in these machines a smart decision. After installing smart washers and dryers, property managers can look forward to advantages such as:

  • Appliance alerts. Owners receive alerts when the appliance has developed a problem. This means they can call for service right away, before the issue gets worse or disrupts the laundry facility for longer than necessary
  • View financial reports in real time. Owners can check each machine’s use and financials to quickly determine profits
  • Make pricing adjustments quickly and easily
  • Access reports about appliance usage. Learn about resident’s laundry habits and preferences and track loads of laundry washed and dried; determine best laundry days for residents
  • Enhanced security. Because there are no coin deposits with these appliances, there’s no reason for thieves to attempt to steal from them
  • Less maintenance. There’s no need for staff to empty coins from the machines because residents make electronic payments
  • Commercial laundry grade available
  • Available with energy stars 
  • Monitor energy usage of the appliances (monitoring usage of laundry appliances saves money)
  • Stackable washers and dryer set available or appliances are sold separately
  • Offer discount programs for users who access the allinone washer dryer on designated laundry days/times
  • Popular models include LG Signature and GE Smart washing and drying appliances

Property owners also find that smart washers and dryers do not involve substantially greater repair costs than traditional machines. What’s more, the appliances’ built-in diagnostics streamline the repair process because their sensors alert owners to what’s wrong with them. Your super speed loading top loading washer may alert you of the need for water filters or water filtration systems. Like any home appliance like a wall ovens or a water heater, good maintenance is required to keep the machines in top functioning condition. Also, owners will need to download periodic updates for each machine to keep their washing and drying functionality current. 

Many condos in Orlando now feature smart washing machines and dryers because of the many benefits they afford to both condo residents and property managers. If you’re ready to update your condo’s laundry facility, you’ll want to prioritize the acquisition of these modern appliances.