How Long Do Speed Queen Commercial Washers Last?

How Long Do Speed Queen Commercial Washers Last_

Get dependable and innovative equipment designed to last when you buy or lease Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries Orlando.

The integrity of your on-premises laundry facility is only as strong and dependable as your equipment, which is why you need top-quality washers and dryers that will deliver on performance and longevity.  As leaders in the commercial laundry sector for five decades, we know what you and your laundry amenity need to be successful and we only provide equipment from brands we trust, with American quality you can count on.  Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment is durable and built to last.  With their innovative features and commercial grade components, these machines will deliver the effortless laundry experience they promise and that your residents deserve.

What to Expect from Speed Queen Commercial Washers

Trustworthy Brand and Products

Speed Queen is an American owned and operated company that is known for its American quality and groundbreaking features.  Their “effortless laundry” motto is a tribute to their dedication to making laundry convenient and accessible for all.  With over 110 years of experience and expertise, their robust construction and sophisticated engineering is everything other companies strive for, proving they are pioneers in the laundry game.

Commercial Grade Laundry Machines

Your typical commercial laundry machine is said to last between 10-14 years with proper maintenance and servicing.  That being said when you choose quality such as Speed Queen, you can expect your machines to last 25 years.  As leaders in the commercial laundry industry, it is no mystery why.  Their strong metal commercial grade components are built for durability and longer performance.  While other manufacturers may choose to use plastic parts to cut costs, Speed Queen knows better with their commercial quality products that pass the test of time.

Durable Washers and Dryers

Speed Queen classic equipment is constructed in all models and rigorously tested to ensure they meet their high standards.  From coin operated machines to card operated equipment, you can choose from their top load washer to front loading machines to best suit the needs of your property and your residents.  Their robust construction and sophisticated engineering make them a wise investment for any property.

Innovative Features and Design

  • Robust stainless steel or porcelain washtub built to resist wear and tear.
  • Front load washers have a strong spin speed of 1200 RPM which produce a 440 G-force for extraction for ultimate moisture removal and less drying time.
  • Front loaders have a reinforced door seal kit to ensure greater suction for a more secure close.
  • Coin operated equipment has a more secure and large capacity coin box.
  • Speed Queen dryer has moisture sensors to monitor dryness and stop machines when complete, saving on time and utility costs.
  • Electronic controls and circuit board makes operation quick and easy for users.
  • Quantum controls give users more wash and dry options for a more unique laundry experience.

How to Protect Your Washers and Dryers?

The best way to protect your machines and your investment is to enroll in a service and maintenance program.  At Commercial Laundries Orlando, you will find the best comprehensive plans to tend to your equipment and extend their lifespan.  And when you lease your commercial laundry equipment with us, all service and maintenance is free.

Where to Find Dependable Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers?

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have dependable and affordable top load and front load Speed Queen washers and dryers.  Our Speed Queen top load washers are energy efficient, saving you a ton on water and utility costs.  Speed Queen top load washers are a great choice for any laundry facility for their traditional design and deep washtubs to soak clothing.  Whatever washer or dryer you are in the market for, we will help you find the right machines for your property.

Always standing the test of time and innovation, Speed Queen washers and dryers have remained at the top of our list since our beginnings in 1972.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando to get the commercial quality coin operated and card operated equipment you need for your facility.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 or click here for a free estimate.