How to Make an Eco-Friendly Laundry Business

Turn to Commercial Laundries Orlando for sustainable laundry equipment and guidance on how to make an eco-friendly laundry business.

More consumers today are concerned with their carbon footprint and those of the businesses they support.  Many people choose the companies they frequent with their morale and environmentally friendly practices.  This demographic of people continues to grow, and you want your laundry amenity to be one that they support.  With sustainable laundry practices, you will boost your customer satisfaction, attract more patrons, offset your effect on the environment, and increase profits.  A more sustainable laundry facility with energyefficient washers and dryers is affordable and will offer monetary savings over time.  Keep your laundry amenity current and support your residents’ needs with these simple tips on how to make an eco-friendly laundry business.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce with Energy Efficient Washers and Dryers:  If you are starting a laundry facility or upgrading your run-down equipment, introducing eco-friendly commercial laundry equipment is your first step toward a green laundry room.

Reuse Refurbished Machines:  There are many used energy-efficient commercial laundry machines that have been serviced and refurbished to operate like new.  Purchasing used equipment is a great sustainable laundry option that will save you a bundle.

Recycle Older Machines or Sell Used Equipment:  If you must get rid of your older equipment, sell it to a reputable laundry company that can recycle materials or bring it back to life.  Reusing and recycling machines will put money in your pocket for your new equipment and avoid sending machines to a landfill.

Invest in Environmentally Friendly Commercial Laundry Equipment

Energy-efficient washing machines and dryers have many innovative features and controls that will save you money, reducing washing and drying time and your business’ global footprint.  Energy-star certified equipment is about 25% more efficient using about 45% less water than standard machines.  These efficient washing machines reduce the amounts of water and energy needed, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Efficient washers’ unique tumbling and spinning action don’t require the same amounts of water as standard models to produce clean laundry results.  And with their high RPM speeds, there is greater water extraction, reducing drying times.  Additionally, dryers are equipped with moisture sensors to avoid over-drying garments and wasting energy.  These game-changers are built to reduce water consumption and energy levels, and their robust construction makes them more durable, saving you on costly repairs and replacement machines, giving you many more years out of your equipment than older machines.

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, all our energy star certified equipment is from reputable manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, known for their robust, energy-efficient laundry machines.  These energy-efficient washers and dryers will transform your facility into a sustainable laundry amenity you desire for your property.

Educate Your Residents on How to Do Sustainable Laundry

The biggest challenge to a more sustainable world is ignorance.  Many people don’t know how small changes can make such a big impact.  Hold a resident workshop, send digital newsletters, and post signs around your laundry room to educate your community.  The first important fact about efficient laundry machines is that conventional detergents must be replaced with HE (high efficiency) solutions.  These eco-friendly detergents are concentrated, but just as effective.  Additionally, adding baking soda and or white vinegar with HE laundry detergents will effectively deodorize and clean clothing without the harmful chemicals. Wool dryer balls with a few drops of lavender or essential oils can replace fabric softener and dryer sheets for a green laundry solution.  Encourage residents to use cold water and hang clothing to dry, saving on energy and protecting the integrity of their clothing. Using cold water whenever possible helps with reducing energy costs related to heating the water.  These eco-friendly laundry machines will save on water and energy and give you and your residence peace of mind.

Buy or Lease Environmentally Friendly Commercial Laundry Equipment

Making the switch to energy-efficient washers and dryers may seem like quite the investment, but the truth of the matter is, they will save you significantly over time, offsetting the cost.  Better yet, lease your environmentally friendly commercial laundry equipment with us at Commercial Laundries Orlando and save big on upfront costs.  Moreover, our protective service and maintenance program will assist you with machine upkeep and extend equipment lifespan.

For more tips on how to make an eco-friendly laundry business contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410.