What Is the Best Commercial Laundry Company in Florida?

What Is the Best Commercial Laundry Company in Florida

When it comes to your laundry facility, you want to make sure you are working with the best commercial laundry company for quality equipment and unparalleled services.

Taking care of your laundry facility is easy when you have the support and guidance of your commercial laundry company by your side.  When searching for the right distributor to team up with, there are a few characteristics to keep your eye out for.  With many laundry companies out there, look for one with the most experience.  One with years of knowledge, quality equipment, and services will grant you the greatest success.  To get the best support and machines for your amenity, team up with the best commercial laundry supplier in Florida, Commercial Laundries Orlando.

What Makes a Company the Best Commercial Laundry Supplier in Florida?

Years of Experience in the Commercial Laundry Sector

Commercial Laundries Orlando has been in the commercial laundry game providing local sales, leases, and services to housing and hospitality companies for five decades.  Whether you run a multi-family housing property, hotel, college dormitory, or RV mobile home park, we have the knowledge needed to make your business a success.  We supply various coin and cashless self-service machines from top manufacturers to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

Quality Commercial-Grade Equipment that is Reliable

At our facility, we offer a variety of commercial washers and dryers, both new and used for lease or purchase.  Our top-quality equipment is from our most trusted manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, all known for their groundbreaking technology and robust construction.  These commercial-grade machines are built to deliver optimal performance efficiently and withstand the tough treatment with longevity.

A Variety of Machine Choices and Payment Options

Our self-service washers and dryers are available in coin and cashless options and come in top-loading and front-loading designs.  Traditional coin-operated machines are a valuable addition to any property type, and our card-operated and smart laundry machines are widely accepted for their technological advancement.

Support Services and Dependable Customer Service

As the best commercial laundry company in Florida, we credit our outstanding reputation to our long-standing relationships with our clients and the dependable services we provide to them.  To help keep your laundry facility running at its peak, we offer service and maintenance programs to assist with machine and facility upkeep.  And when an unexpected problem occurs, we are just a phone call away with our same-day or next-day repair services.

Skilled Technicians and A Knowledgeable Team

As a large commercial laundry company, we accredit our success to our entire team, and this includes our skilled and experienced technicians.  Through their continued education and training, they are well-prepared to handle all commercial laundry challenges that come their way.  With their speedy work and meticulous care, your machines and facility are in good hands.

Affordable Purchasing and Leasing Options for All Different Types of Budgets

Get affordable new and used equipment from your trusted neighbors at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  As the best commercial laundry company, we are able to offer quality equipment at honest and fair prices.  For even greater savings and assistance with your laundry machines, we have a tax-deductible commercial laundry leasing program to meet any budget.  With all our lease plans, we provide free service and maintenance for the lifetime of the lease to ensure optimal success and longevity.

Contact the best commercial laundry supplier in Florida, Commercial Laundries Orlando for all your laundry needs.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to take advantage of our years of experience, quality equipment, and supportive services today.