Best Smart Washer and Dryer

Best Smart Washer and Dryer

A smart washer and dryer system is the “new laundry” and will quickly transform your facility into a more profitable and functional amenity.

If you are looking to make your laundry facility more efficient and functional, then smart laundry machines are the way to go.  Not only are they more attractive to your patrons and future residents, but they will make your job so much easier.  The best smart washer and dryer offer all the advantages of the latest smart system and will give you more transparency into your business and peace of mind.  The many conveniences will also be quickly apparent to your residents and attract more patronage and loyalty.  Transform your laundry room with a Wi-Fi washer and dryer system affordably with the help of your local laundry supplier, Commercial Laundries Orlando.

The Advantages of a Smart Washer and Dryer App

Smart laundry machines will make running an onsite laundry facility a cinch, and the wave of the future for all your amenities.  Smart payments are everywhere and are often a preference among customers for their simple, clean method.  When searching for the best Wi-Fi washer and dryer, make sure you are choosing quality machines that will offer you all the benefits smart laundry has to offer.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we use the Laundryvalue smart washer and dryer app to best serve our clients and their residents.  Here are all the benefits you can expect from our smart mobile laundry app.

For Property Owners and Managers

Interestingly enough, as a property owner, we are certain you will find more advantages with smart laundry machines than your patrons.  Receive more clarity into your business, have more control over your system, and increase security and resident satisfaction with a simple system upgrade.

Financial Transparency:  Instantly view profits and projects from the online database for transparency into your financials and business operations.

Real-Time Reports:  Receive real-time reports on your customers’ habits and preferences to offer rewards and discounts to boost loyalty.

Pricing Adjustments:  Easily adjust pricing to keep up with fluctuating operation costs.

Machine Alerts:  Receive information and alerts on machine issues to stay ahead of malfunctions to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Fewer Labor Costs:  With smart laundry machines, there is no need to collect coins and closely monitor machines, leading to cheaper labor costs.

Increased Security:  By decreasing or eliminating cash and coins in your facility, you will automatically increase security and threats of theft and counterfeit coins.

Customer Satisfaction:  With a new and upgraded laundry facility, you will boost your resident satisfaction, attract new customers and potential renters.

Affordability:  Upgrading your machines to a smart washer and dryer app is quick and inexpensive.  Many older machines can be converted to a smart system saving you a fortune on new equipment.

For Residents and Patrons

A new smart laundry system will grant your residents many conveniences for an effortless laundry experience.

Convenient Payment Option:  Mobile laundry payments are quick and easy to make and offer a clean cashless option.

Useful Application Features:  Through the smart washer and dryer, app users can make laundry payments, track remaining laundry cycle time, and find available machines, all from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Easy-to-Use:  Smart laundry machines are user-friendly and quickly accepted by users for their convenient features and a step-by-step guide for washer and dryer activation.

Safer Laundry Facility:  With a cashless laundry facility, security is automatically increased for a safer laundry room.

Where to Find the Best Wi-Fi Washer and Dryer

Get affordable smart laundry machines here at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  All our equipment is from reputable manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, known for their innovative smart systems and durable equipment.  If you already have a laundry facility set up, we can determine if your washers and dryers can be converted to a smart system.  With Commercial Laundries Orlando, converting your equipment is quick and inexpensive.

Give us a call at, (407) 986-1410 to update your facility to a smart washer and dryer amenity today.