Orlando Repair Services for Washers and Dryers

Orlando Repair Services for Washers and Dryers

Discover reliable repair services for washers and dryers from your neighbors at Commercial Laundries Orlando.

When you are experiencing issues with one or more of your machines, you need a local and dependable commercial laundry company.  One that is speedy, thorough, and trustworthy.  Don’t wait around for a service call or put it off for an issue to exacerbate.  Contact your reputable neighbors at Commercial Laundries Orlando to take care of your finicky machines.  Better yet, keep up with your machines’ needs and enroll in a preventative service and maintenance plan.  Keep our number handy so you don’t have to go scrambling when trouble arises.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the repair services for washers and dryers in Orlando you need and so much more.

Get Speedy and Dependable Commercial Laundry Repair Services in Orlando


When trouble comes knocking, the last thing you need to do is wait around for a pesky service call or let an issue slip through the cracks.  Often times you will get an appointment date for a few days or even weeks out.  We know that this is unacceptable and detrimental to your business.  To get your Orlando washers and dryers taken care of quickly and efficiently, call Commercial Laundries Orlando to get a speedy response and assistance.  With our same-day and next-day service time, one of our skilled technicians will visit your onsite laundry amenity to take care of any issues right away.


Our technicians at Commercial Laundries Orlando are extensively trained and well prepared to take care of an issue they may face with your equipment.  And with their fully equipped utility vehicle, they will be able to fix your equipment right their onsite.  They will do what it takes to repair your washers and dryers in Orlando and if a replacement part or machine is needed, we have all necessary parts in our 15,000 square foot warehouse.  We want your facility back up and running at full capacity and being local, we can get that done quickly and thoroughly.


Commercial Laundries Orlando has been providing equipment and servicing Orlando washers and dryers since 1972.  Our exceptional reputation comes from our genuine desire to provide the best service and customer care around.  For nearly five decades, we have been taking care of our neighbors in the commercial laundry sector and doing what we can to help them be successful.  Put your trust in our hands and we will assist you and guide you along the way.


Repair services for washers and dryers in Orlando should not be the first step that is taken in caring for your equipment.  Before an issue arises, enroll in a service and maintenance plan to assist you with upkeep and routine maintenance on your machines.  Through this preventative program, one of our experienced technicians will visit your site on a regular basis and service and monitor your machines to avoid big repairs and replacements.

Repair Your Orlando Washers and Dryers with Commercial Laundries

For all your current and future machine repairs and needs, put us on speed dial so you will never have to think twice about how to resolve your issue.  Get your quick, efficient, and trustworthy repair services in Orlando by the professionals at Commercial Laundries.  And if it is not possible or financially feasible to fix a damaged machine, we have the most affordable and competitively priced equipment on the market.

Click here for repair services in Orlando, or give us a call at, (407) 986-1410 to take care of your machines right away.