Top Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers

Top Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers - Commercial Laundries Orlando

Enjoy the luxury and dependability of ‘effortless laundry’ with top Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers.

Consider the main reasons you are investing in an onsite laundry facility and make final decisions based on those.  Many would say that they want to add value to their property and increase their resident satisfaction.  With commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers, you can certainly do that and so much more.  As quality laundry amenities are usually a main priority for tenants and steadily rated as the most valued, it’s a no brainer.  Choose high performance machines that are reliable, durable, and innovative from one of the most trusted and sought-after brands around the world, Speed Queen.

Commercial-Grade High-Capacity Equipment that is Long Lasting and Durable

Speed Queen commercial laundry machines have a long history of being reliable and durable, built to outperform and outlive other machines on the market.  Their commercial-grade washers and dryers deliver a premium experience through innovation and yet, they are simple enough to appeal to all demographics.

High Performance Action with Quantum Control and Advanced Features

The sophisticated features and controls of commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers gives property owners more control over their laundry facilities and their customers more control over their laundry experiences.  Their equipment is designed and constructed with both you and your residents in mind, in creating ‘effortless laundry’ for everyone.  With each new model their machines are of higher performance and features, making them superior to their competition.  Quantum controls allow users to adjust their preference and customize their wash and dry options to meet their individual needs.

Convenience for Residents, Property Owners, and Managers

Starting a new laundry room or upgrading an existing one is all about making life easier for you and your residents.  Give your tenants a modern laundry experience all the while making your job simpler.

For Residents

With top Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers, your residents will be met with unparalleled convenience and performance.  With their advanced features and multi-payment options, there is something for everyone.

  •       Washers feature 27 cycle selections and advanced programming flexibility.
  •       Speed Queen mobile payment application allows residents to pay for their laundry and receive Wash Alerts to monitor their laundry status and find unoccupied machines.
  •       Speed Queen rewards give customers points for every purchase, leading to customer loyalty and an increase in profits.
  •       The laundry app allows tenants to communicate with property owners or managers to report machine issues for a prompt response and repair.

Property Owners and Managers

With Speed Queen insights, property owners gain access to their residents’ laundry experience and preference to provide them with an even more convenient laundry amenity.

  •       The advanced features and flexible programming will lead to raising customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing profits and consumers.
  •       Property owners will have full transparency into their laundry business with real-time reports and audits on customer usage and revenue.
  •       Gain peace of mind in your laundry facility with an understanding of how your facility is operating and generating profits.
  •       Quickly and easily adjust pricing and offer discounts and rewards.
  •       Enjoy the perks and convenience of a remote management style from anywhere on the go with Speed Queen commercial laundry machines.

Affordable Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines

Quality equipment is never out of reach when you work with an established supplier.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have affordable top Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers for sale and lease.  Choose to lease your commercial laundry machines and get free delivery, installation, and service and maintenance for the ultimate savings.  We will help you find the right financial solution for you and your property and get you the support you need, all within your budget and means.

Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 and get your hands on your brand-new commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers.