How to Find the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

How to Find the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment - Commercial Laundries Orlando

When searching for the best commercial laundry equipment, your number one priority should be quality products from a trustworthy supplier.

Selecting quality commercial-grade machines and the best payment system for your demographic will set you off on the right foot.  Additionally, make sure you are preemptive about routinely servicing your machines and knowing who to call if an issue should ever arise.  Getting the very best washers and dryers for your property is not hard to come by when you have the right commercial laundry supplier by your side.  One that will support and guide you on the right path to choosing the top commercial laundry equipment for you, your residents, and your property.  Here are several tips for buying commercial laundry equipment and making your facility a successful one.

5 Tips for Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment

  1. Find the best Commercial Laundry supplier that can guide you and give you the support you need to run a successful laundry facility.

Whether you are new to the commercial laundry business scene or are a veteran, it is always helpful and wise to have a team of experts by your side.  Not only will they support you in finding the best commercial laundry equipment for your needs, but they will also guide you and offer assistance along your business journey.  Choose to work with a reputable commercial laundry company in your area that has good customer retention and relationships.  One that is known for its dependable products and services.

  1. Pick superior quality equipment that can support the demands of your residents and property.

Never settle for less than the best when it comes to your property and the needs of your residents.  Choosing top commercial laundry equipment will prove to be worth the investment down the line, as superior machines require less maintenance and repairs.  Commercial-grade machines are built to withstand the harsh treatment of a busy laundry facility and have a higher capacity for large laundry loads.  Check out equipment from world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, and discover the luxury of robust and innovative washers and dryers.

  1. Choose a payment system that works best for your demographic and your preferred management style.

The great thing about commercial washers and dryers today is that they are easy to use and adaptable to all different payment types.  First, consider your residents and their preferences.  Coin-operated machines are a great investment for any property and widely accepted and accessible to all demographics.  Card-op machines are also very user friendly and a step up in the technological world.  As many payments have moved to the digital age, so have the preferences of many consumers.  For an even more advanced laundry amenity, incorporate a mobile laundry payment app and let your tenants embrace a contactless laundry experience.  Card and mobile payment systems are easy to manage as a property owner and will give you complete transparency into your laundry business with remote access.

  1. Select the best commercial laundry equipment service and maintenance plan to protect your machines.

Protect your machines and save yourself money in the end by enrolling in a service and maintenance plan from the beginning.  With a reliable servicing company, you will gain peace of mind and assistance in caring for your machines.  Avoid all the headaches of servicing your machines and unnecessary repairs and replacements by having a set of expert hands to help.

  1. Go with a local distributor with top commercial laundry equipment and one that is just a phone call away when you need them.

One of our best tips for buying commercial laundry equipment is to always buy local.  You may find some good deals online but having your distributor nearby will save you in delivery costs and time. Not only that but having a local distributor will ensure that you get immediate assistance and response when a concern or issue comes up.


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