Smart Phone App Laundry Payment Systems

Smart Phone App Laundry Payment Systems

Incorporating smart phone app laundry payment systems in your laundry facilities will add great value and attract new customers.  Moreover, they are affordable and easy to use.

Looking to start or upgrade your laundry amenity to a cashless system?  Cashless laundry equipment is a simple and affordable way to change your laundry game, increase profits and patrons, and make your job easier.  Enjoy a remote management style, increased security, and full transparency in your laundry business.  As for your tenants, having new or multiple payment options will allow them to do laundry without the hassle of coins or a laundry payment card.  The many benefits of a laundry payment mobile app will quickly be apparent to you and your residents once you get started.

How Does a Laundry Payment Mobile App Work?

Laundry payment apps are easy to incorporate and quickly adapted by patrons.  With a quick download of the Laundryvalue app, customers create an account, sign in, and load value with their credit or debit card.  From there they will scan the QR code located on each of your machines or enter the machine number.  Then they are ready to go.  All purchases and laundry upgrades can be made directly from their smartphones for a convenient cashless and contactless laundry experience.  Not ready to go completely cashless?  That is ok.  You can easily have multiple payment options in your facility to better suit all your residents.

Why are Smart Phone App Laundry Payment Systems Beneficial?

For Property Owners

As a property owner, discover the advantages of smart phone app laundry payment systems with a new management style and remote access.  A cashless laundry facility will free up a lot of your time and require fewer employees on site.  With the decrease or elimination of coins and cash, you will automatically increase security with less threat of theft or counterfeit coins.  Additionally, you won’t have to have someone empty coin boxes, count, or deposit so often.  This means most of your profits will be digital, giving you more clarity into your revenue and how your business is doing.  The laundry payment mobile app will also give you access to an online database where you can view your profits, patron habits, and machine health.  You can even offer discounts and rewards, and quickly and easily adjust pricing, increasing patronage and profits.

For Your Patrons

We are increasingly entering a more digitally enhanced world each day.  Keeping your facility up with the times and the competition will keep your residents onsite to do their laundry.  Your patrons will appreciate the upgrade and the ease of using their smartphones to manage their accounts and pay for their laundry use.  From their cashless laundry equipment and mobile app, they can also check their laundry time and find unoccupied machines, without going in and out of the laundry facility.

How to Convert Your Machines to Cashless Laundry Equipment?

Mobile laundry payment apps are easy to use and even easier to install in your laundry facility.  Many of your machines probably already have the capability to be converted into a cashless system.  Discovering if your machines apply is simple to confirm with a quick phone call to your local laundry distributor.  But if you are ready for a machine upgrade, all machine types are available in cashless or multi-payment options.  Check out the leading cashless machines from trusted manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.

Where to Get Affordable Cashless Laundry Machines?

Want to know how to convert your current machines to a mobile laundry payment system or update them to cashless laundry equipment?  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we can help.  All our machines and payment systems are affordable and easy to install.  Whether you are looking to buy or lease commercial laundry equipment, we have got the financial solutions for all types of budgets.

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