Buy Laundry Machines for Condo Associations

Buy Laundry Machines for Condo Associations

Get the quality commercial laundry machines for condos and the support and services to go along with them when you buy or lease from your neighbors at Commercial Laundries Orlando.

Whether you are upgrading your onsite laundry facility or looking to start a new amenity, make sure you are outfitting your property with commercial-grade equipment that will fulfill the needs and demands of your patrons and your condo.  But don’t stop there.  Running an onsite laundry facility is a profitable business, however, it’s not without extra effort and time.  Find a reliable commercial laundry company to assist you with the upkeep and servicing of your machines to protect your investment and prolong their longevity.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have the top-quality commercial laundry machines for condos that you are searching for and the dependable support and customer service to make your job easier.

The Best Commercial Laundry Machines for Condos

Finding the right equipment for your facility and patrons the first time around will take some research, but it is essential to kicking off a successful laundry business.  Invest in reliable equipment that is intended for high traffic areas such as your amenity and don’t skimp on quality.  You don’t want to find yourself searching to buy condo coin laundry machines only a few years down the line because yours didn’t live up to the demands of your facility and residents.  With Commercial Laundries Orlando on your side, you can find affordable and efficient washers and dryers to suit their requirements.

Coin, Card, and Cashless Mobile Apps

Have a good hard look at your demographic to determine their needs and what type of equipment will fulfill them.  Coin-operated equipment is a great investment for all property types because it is the most accessible and familiar to most residents.  Card-operated machines are also a wise direction to go in to keep your facility up with the competition and digital age.  Not only that, but they are rather convenient to both residents and property owners.  Through an online database you will remotely be able to receive real-time reports on profits, machine issues, patron user habits, and so much more, all from your home or office.

With a cashless system such as card-op or mobile laundry payment apps, your residents can pay for their laundry and other products with just a swipe of their laundry card or smartphone.  They can also track their laundry’s progress and find available machines without setting foot in the laundry room.  Unsure of what system would work best in your facility?  With our help we can determine the best course of action for you, to satisfy your customers and make your amenity successful.

How to Protect Your Laundry Machines for Condos

Investing in durable equipment is certainly the way to go and you want to be sure your machines are well-protected.  Avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements buy enrolling in our service and maintenance package.  Through one of our comprehensive plans, our technicians will routinely check on your machines and facility and perform any servicing or repairs that need to be done, taking that responsibility and headache off your plate.  And when an unexpected issue does arise, know that we are just a phone call away to schedule your same-day or next-day repair service.

Lease or Buy Condo Coin Laundry Machines or Cashless Equipment from Commercial Laundries Orlando

For the most affordable equipment, buy condo coin laundry machines or cashless washers and dryers from us at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Our competitive prices and unparalleled services will help you get just what you need for your facility and so much more.  For even greater savings, have a look at our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program, where you can get the quality machines you need, paired with free service and maintenance.

Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to get the best commercial laundry machines for condos that will suit your facility’s needs and desires.