6 Benefits of Card Op Washers and Dryers for Your Property

Benefits of Card Op Washers and Dryers for Your Property - Commercial Laundries Orlando

Are you still pondering between coin or card op washers and dryers?  Here are six benefits and reasons to go with card operated equipment.

If you are upgrading your machines or purchasing commercial equipment for the first time, you want to take this opportunity to get the most efficient washers and dryers for your property.  Ones that will give you the high performance you are looking for and the effortless laundry experience for your residents. The best card operated washers and dryers will make your job as a property owner so much more manageable and transparent.  And remember, when you are making such a large purchase or decision for your property, you want to team up with a supplier that has got your back beyond purchasing.

Here are 6 benefits of card op washers and dryers and where you can find quality equipment and support.

  1. Easy Remote Access for Property Owners

Owning or managing a multi-family property, university housing building, hotel, or mobile home park is no joke.  Especially when it comes to the amenities that attracted your residents to your property in the first place.  You want to maintain clean and efficient facilities that keep them satisfied, all the while making your job easier, not harder.  With the many benefits of card op washers and dryers, you will look no further.  Gain remote access and clarity into your laundry facility without even setting foot inside.  Through an online database, you will have full transparency of your machines and facility that you would not get with coin-op equipment.

  1. Automatic and Accurate Auditing System

Long gone are the days of collecting, counting, and depositing coins.  With card operated machines all your profits are calculated instantly and available for viewing in real-time on your computer or smartphone.  Track your profits and know how your laundry business is doing whenever you please.  And better yet, with the elimination of coins, you will instantly increase your facility’s security and risk of theft and counterfeit coins, saving you money in the end.

  1. Quick and Simple Price Adjustments

We all know business expenses and overhead can fluctuate constantly.  With digital payments and your online platform, you can quickly adjust your prices to reflect the changing costs in your business.  You can also easily offer discounts and ‘happy hour’ prices to entice your residents to use your facility more often, increasing revenue.

  1. Convenient Payment Method for Residents

In today’s day and age, most businesses accept card or smartphone payments.  And with customer preferences changing to cashless payment options, it’s important that you keep up with the competition.  Your residents will appreciate the option to pay with a card and not have to scramble for coins on laundry day.

  1. Effortless Way to Boost Profits and Tenant Satisfaction

Your amenities are what very well may have attracted your residents to your property in the first place.  It’s important that you keep them well maintained and up to date.  One of the greatest benefits of card op washers and dryers is how quickly your residents can adjust to the user-friendly platform and how easily you will be able to increase their satisfaction.

  1. Affordable Cashless Upgrades for Machines

Whether you choose coin or card op washers and dryers, there is usually a chance to upgrade or convert your machines to a completely cashless option.  With more modern machines you can add cashless payment options to your current machines.  Quickly and affordably add a card reader or install a mobile laundry payment app and grant your residents access to your machines through a card or a smartphone.  Get the help of a professional and find out if your machines qualify to convert to a cashless laundry payment system.

Best Card Operated Washers and Dryers

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we can help you upgrade, purchase, or lease your coin or card op washers and dryers.  Our competitive prices will help you outfit your facility with the machines you desire and get your facility up and running in no time.  With our popular commercial laundry lease program, you can get the new, top-quality machines you want with little to no upfront costs.  We also have supportive services to assist you with your machine maintenance and repairs when the time comes.

For access to the best card operated washers and dryers and help in deciding what is the best option for you and your property, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410.