How To Setup a Cashless Laundry Payment App

How To Setup a Cashless Laundry Payment App - Commercial Laundries Orlando

Cashless laundry payment apps are a great benefit for property owners and residents, and they are easy and inexpensive to set up. Find out if your facility can benefit from adding a laundry payment app option. 

An onsite commercial laundry facility is a huge value for any property, but when you setup a smart phone app for laundry payment, you are reaching out to a larger demographic and giving yourself a chance to boost profits and resident satisfaction.  A laundry payment app is simple to set up and, in most cases, converting your current machines to a cashless laundry system can be very quick and affordable.  Not only will you make your job as a property owner much easier, but you also give your residents a convenient way to pay for their laundry.  With the right commercial laundry company on your side, you can have your smart phone app laundry payment systems up and running in no time at all. 

How Does a Laundry Payment App Work? 

Laundry payment apps are convenient and easy to use.  With the implementation of QR scan codes, users can use their smart phones to pay for and activate any machine in your facility.  First, your residents will download the free, Laundryvalue app on their phones, register, and sign in.  From there, they can start their cycle by scanning the code or entering the machine number.  With the initiation of a wash or dry cycle, users can then monitor their laundry time and find available machines for operation.  It’s that easy.  

Who Will Benefits from Smart Phone App Laundry Payment Systems? 

Cash is becoming more and more archaic, and coins are currently in short supply.  With cashless payment systems all around us, it is a wonder more people didn’t start switching over their laundry facilities sooner.  As patrons already pay with a card or smart phone, it is both convenient and wise that we keep up.  Grow your laundry business and your customers by updating your payment system and benefiting everyone all around. 

For property managers, smart phone app laundry payment systems are even handier and they will make your laundry amenity more manageable, safer, and more profitable.  Gain full transparency into your laundry operation through an online database that with allow you to track your profits, monitor your residents’ usage, and receive real-time reports about machine issues.  With the decrease in cash usage in your amenity, you will automatically increase security and the threat of counterfeit coins.  And finally, with an added method of payment, you will reach more of your residents and attract new incoming tenants to your updated property. 

How to Setup a Smart Phone App for Laundry Payment? 

The great thing about setting up a new payment system in your laundry amenity is that you don’t have to abandon your current machines or way of operation.  Many older machines can be updated and converted to smart phone app laundry payment systems with a few tweaks and assistance from a professional team. 


Setup a smart phone app for laundry payment quickly and affordably with the help of our experts at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Usually, with a quick phone call or a brief visit from one of our technicians, we can determine if your machines qualify for conversion.  If it is time for you to upgrade to newer equipment, we can also assist you with purchasing or leasing new machines.  With our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program, you can get new machines and free service and maintenance, with little to no upfront costs.  Whatever situation you find yourself in, we can help you get your facility running more efficiently. 

For more information on installing a laundry payment app, give Commercial Laundries Orlando a call at, (407) 986-1410.