Card and Coin Operated Laundry Equipment for Timeshare Properties

Card and Coin Operated Laundry Equipment for Timeshare Properties - Commercial Laundries Orlando

Invest in coin operated laundry equipment for timeshare properties to get the most affordable equipment and to add value to your property. 

When choosing a timeshare, it is usually most preferred to have onsite laundry machines or amenities.  Your guests want to feel at home when they are on your property with all the amenities and luxuries they have bought into.  Card and coin operated laundry equipment timeshare properties will cater more to the desires of your guests and future buyers.  Give your short-term residents a dependable laundry amenity with quality machines and convenient features. 

What is the best type of Equipment for Your Property? 

Whether you are looking to add an on-premises laundry facility or wish to upgrade your current amenity, we have got some things for you to consider, helping you make the best-informed decision for your property.  

Card and Cashless Payment Options for Timeshare Properties

Card operated equipment and laundry apps are great technological systems for any property for their remote access and cashless features.  With the absence of cash, you will instantly boost security and create a remote management style you may not have considered.  Easily gain access to your machines, user transactions, and profits through the online database.  Get real-time reports on all the activity going on in your facility without the hassle of counting coins.  Your guests will also appreciate the remote access they gain through the mobile laundry app system, which allows them to monitor their laundry time and find vacant machines without setting foot in the laundry room. 

Coin Operated Laundry Equipment for Timeshare Properties

Coin-op machines are conventional, dependable, and trusted.  Most recognized and accepted by users for their familiarity and simple operation.  Your guests won’t have to learn a new system, download any applications, or purchase a laundry loyalty card, making coin operated washers and dryers for timeshares the best route for your short-term guests.  Another great thing about coin operated washers and dryers for timeshares is that they are the most affordable and they can easily be upgraded or converted over time to adapt to the desires of your guests. 

Hybrid Laundry Payment System 

Coin operated laundry equipment for timeshare properties is a great course to take, but if you would like to cater to all demographics and guest preferences, choose a hybrid payment system.  Add a laundry card reader to your coin-op machines, or a mobile laundry app and satisfy everyone’s needs.  By giving your guests a choice of payment method, you will easily broaden your users’ access and profits. 

Update or Convert Your Current Coin Operated Washers and Dryers for Timeshares 

If you are looking to upgrade your timeshare coin operated laundry equipment, it is easy to do so with the professionals at Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Here, our skilled team can work to get you the right equipment to update your machines.  One of our expert technicians will come out to your site and retrofit your machines with card readers or install the Laundryvalue app. 

Work with Knowledgeable Professionals to Make the Right Choice for Your Property 

It is not easy making all these decisions for your laundry amenity, especially when it is not your specialty.  Let our knowledgeable representatives help you make the correct decision for your property.  We can quickly help you choose the right equipment for your needs or upgrade your existing machines.  All our new machines are affordable and competitively priced to help you save big.  We even have a tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program, which guarantees even more savings.  You can also enroll in our service and maintenance program to assist with your timeshare coin operated laundry equipment upkeep. 

Get your affordable and reliable timeshare coin operated laundry equipment when you team up with Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to get started.