What You Need to Know about Card Operated Laundry Equipment

What You Need to Know about Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Card operated laundry equipment comes with many added benefits for both residents and property owners.

Coin operated laundry equipment has long brought great value to multi-family housing.  But with the changing times and the increased preference for cashless payment methods, these machines may become second tier to popular card operated washers and dryers very soon.  Card-op machines offer many advantages for users and managers, and with remote accessibility, laundry has never been easier.

Additionally, with coin shortages still seen across the United States, patrons may find it difficult to collect enough for their laundry, and coin machines may still be barren.   If you are looking into new machines for your facility or thinking of upgrading your current laundry equipment, void yourself of this headache and have the added conveniences of card operated washers and dryers.

Card Operated Laundry Equipment Offers Many Conveniences to Property Owners

When it comes to laundry, your residents are looking for machines that are going to make laundry effortless.  And as a property owner, you should be searching for ways to make your job easier.  Get the best card op laundry equipment for your property and instantly benefit from all the conveniences it has to offer.

Quick and Easy Payments:

As previously mentioned, coins can be difficult to come by, even under normal circumstances.  With most payments being made electronically, laundry should be no different.  Card-op machines make payment easy for your residents and give you a clean payment system that requires no coin collection, counting or depositing.

Remote Access:

The greatest thing about card operated laundry equipment is that everything is digital and available online in a snap.  Get full transparency into your laundry business and all its operation without setting foot in your facility.

Instant Revenue Monitoring:

With remote access and the use of an online platform, you will be able to monitor your profits in real-time, instantly and accurately.

Machine Performance Updates:

You never want to be the last one to find out that your machines need repairs.  This can lead to costly servicing and avoidable replacements.  Through the online platform, your residents can send you notifications about finicky machines, to ensure you tend to any issues immediately.

User Habits, Discounts, and Rewards:

With real-time reports, you can receive information on your residents’ laundry habits and use this to set ‘happy hour’ pricing, and offer discounts and rewards.

Online Application for Residents:

Through the Laundryvalue application, residents can monitor their laundry cycle times and locate available machines, all from the comfort of their apartment.

Quick Price Adjustments:

Adjust the prices for your card operated washers and dryers to keep up with fluctuating utility costs and easily change vend pricing for different cycles and features.

Quickly and Affordably Convert Your Existing Machines to Card Operated Laundry Equipment

If your existing coin operating machines are still serving you well, you may be able to convert your laundry equipment to a new payment system with a few adjustments and a card reader.  If this is the case, you can also easily incorporate a laundry app payment system on your current equipment to offer additional options and increase patrons and revenue.  Save money and time by contacting the experts at Commercial Laundries Orlando to find out if your machines are adaptable.

Lease the Best Card Op Laundry Equipment with Commercial Laundries Orlando

Buy or lease card operated washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries Orlando and get the support your laundry amenity needs.  Here, we have affordable purchasing options and an even more attractive commercial laundry lease program.  Our popular leasing plan will help you save on costly upfront costs and upkeep with our free service and maintenance.

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