Where to Find an Affordable Commercial Washer and Dryer for Sale

Where to Find an Affordable Commercial Washer and Dryer for Sale

Do not let your financial situation limit you from getting the quality machines you deserve for your property.   Discover affordable commercial washer and dryer solutions for your onsite laundry amenity when you team up with your local and trusted commercial laundry provider.

Are your property’s finances holding you back from giving your residents the commercial laundry facility that they desire?  Are you looking for an affordable commercial washer and dryer for sale or multiple units that will not break the bank?  If so, look no further.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has got the reliable and sophisticated machines that you are searching for, at competitive and affordable prices.  There are numerous benefits for you and your residents when you open an onsite laundry amenity, and we are here to help you buy commercial washers and dryers that are dependable and within budget.

Commercial Laundries Orlando is the Answer to All Your Laundry Needs

When you work with Commercial Laundries Orlando you will never have to worry about sacrificing quality and functionality for cost.  Here, we have a wide array of options to lease or buy commercial washers and dryers by reputable manufacturers such as Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.  Just because your budget is limited, does not mean your choices have to be.

Multiple Purchasing Options that are Within Your Means

Know that with Commercial Laundries Orlando, you always have options.  Whether you choose to buy your machines outright or wish to lease your equipment, we have several choices to suit any budget.  Check out our affordable commercial washer and dryer for sale and lease and give your residents and property exactly what they need.

Buy New

Buying brand new equipment comes with its autonomy and freedoms.  When you purchase a commercial washer and dryer or multiple machines, all delivery and installation costs are at no cost to you.  With our quick and efficient services and our competitive prices, your new machines will be up and running in no time.

Buy Used

If you wish to buy commercial washers and dryers but their cost is a little out of reach, don’t sweat it.  Purchasing used commercial laundry washers and dryers is an inexpensive way to have the independence of owning your equipment without the large price tag.  Especially here at Commercial Laundries, where you will get the biggest bang for your buck.  All of our top-quality used commercial laundry equipment has been inspected, serviced, and refurbished to run like new.  With our skilled technicians, limited warranties, and high standards, you can rest assured you are getting the best-used equipment at a fraction of the cost of new machines.


One of our most popular and affordable options comes with our commercial laundry leasing programs.  When you lease your equipment with us you have your choice of all our top-quality machines from our trusted manufactures.  All our plans are tax-deductible and paired with our free service and maintenance.  Put the responsibility of machine upkeep and servicing in the hands of one of our skilled technicians, who will look after your machines and perform all necessary maintenance, so you do not have to.  This will also help protect your investment and save you on costly repairs and replacement machines.  Leasing commercial laundry equipment is the best way to get the greatest quality machines without the large upfront costs.


Contact us at Commercial Laundries Orlando to get an affordable commercial washer and dryer for sale or a whole fleet.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410.