5 Energy Saving Laundry Tips


Save on utilities and costs, and promote sustainability and eco-friendliness with these energy saving laundry tips for washing machines and dryers.

Your laundry amenity is one of the largest consumers of water and energy on your property.  Not only is this pricy, but it takes its toll on the environment.  If you are interested in reducing your utility bills and global footprint, we have got the answers for you.  By investing in top-quality energy-efficient commercial laundry machines, you can kill two birds with one stone and feel better about your laundry amenity and your wallet.  Here are several energy saving laundry tips for your facility.

  1. Invest in Quality Energy-Efficient Commercial Laundry Machines

This may seem like a big price tag when you are simply trying to cut costs, but the truth of the matter is, energy-efficient machines will save you significantly over time.  Not only are they innovatively built to reduce water consumption and energy, but they are robustly built, saving you on repairs and replacements down the line.  Additionally, renting commercial washers and dryers will cost you little to nothing in upfront costs and service and maintenance, taking care of that scary price tag.  Check out some of these energy saving machines from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.

Washers:  When it comes to our energy saving tips for washing machine, consider front-loading washers, which are uniquely designed to require less water.  And with their advanced spinning mechanism, their high-speed spin cycle reduces moisture and time required in the dryer.

Dryers:  Energy-efficient dryers have advanced sensors which detect moisture to add or reduce drying time and automatically shut off when clothing is dry.

  1. Choose Commercial-Grade Washers and Dryers

For your onsite laundry facility, always go with the newest energy-efficient commercial-grade washers and dryers that are constructed for everyday constant use.  Moreover, they have a greater capacity for larger laundry loads, reducing the number of cycles, saving on water and energy, and giving you the opportunity to upsell.

Although investing in energy-efficient washers and dryers is our number one piece of advice, there are additional energy saving tips for washing machines and dryers that won’t cost you anything.  Furthermore, they will help residents protect their garments in the long run.  Here are several things that you and your residents can do to save on resources, cut costs, and extend the lifespan of their clothing.

  1. Encourage Eco-Friendly Habits from Your Residents

We are sure that your residents will be equally as happy to do their part for the environment as you are.  Providing them with energy saving laundry tips to help them help you.

    • Encourage low heat settings which use less energy and protect clothing.
    • Promote cold water settings, as hot water requires more energy, it is more expensive, and it wears down clothing over time.
    • Require HE, high-efficiency detergent which is essential for energy-efficient machines’ performance.
    • Push for users to fill up their washers and dryers, as fewer loads, equal fewer resources.
  1. Dedicate Time to Daily Maintenance

A few more imperative cost and energy saving tips for washing machines and dryers is routine upkeep.  Your machines need to be cared for to maintain their integrity and sustainability.  You can also get your residents involved in these maintenance and energy saving laundry tips with friendly signs and reminders posted around your facility.

    • Clean dryer lint filters after each use to improve air circulation, increase efficiency, and keep your residents and facilities safe.
    • Leave wash machine door open after each cycle to allow washtub to dry and to avoid musty odors and mold.
    • Consult your user’s manual about cleaning your washtub monthly with a rinse cycle to prevent mildew and build up.
  1. Enroll in a Service and Maintenance Program

Running an onsite laundry amenity takes time and dedication and keeping on top of all these energy saving laundry tips can seem overwhelming.  Enrolling in a service and maintenance program can help take a lot of that off of your plate, and there is no better way to promote sustainability than taking care of your investment and extending its longevity.

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have quality energy-efficient commercial laundry machines to save property managers money.  We also have a skilled team of technicians to help you take care of your facility and machines with our comprehensive service and maintenance program.

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