Maytag Commercial Laundry Machines for Sale

Maytag Commercial Laundry Machines for Sale

Buy or lease Maytag commercial laundry machines to transform your laundry facility and your residents’ laundry experience.

When leasing or purchasing commercial laundry equipment, choose a brand that you know and trust.  You’ll want to buy laundry equipment with confidence and the reassurance that you get with superior machines. They should be built to handle the requirements of your laundry facility and meet or exceed the expectations of your residents.  Maytag is a well-known and respected company around the world and in the commercial laundry sector for their innovation and longevity.  Here are several reasons card operated Maytag laundry machines are the right choice for you.

Maytag Brand: Sound Investment, Built to Last

Whether you run a multi-housing property, university housing, hotel, or RV and mobile home park, card operated Maytag laundry machines are your answer.  Their sophisticated engineering and robust construction make them among the most dependable commercial-grade washers and dryers on the market.  They are built to withstand the tough treatment of everyday use, all the while delivering on superior performance.  When you choose Maytag commercial laundry machines, you can purchase with confidence that your equipment was a valuable investment, built for longevity.

Innovative Technology and Features for Enhanced Performance

When you are upgrading your laundry facility or mounting a new one, you want the next best thing. Something that will show your residents you care about their needs which makes them choose your facility over your competition. Card operated Maytag laundry machines will make the task of doing laundry more enjoyable for your residents and your job as a property manager easier.

Their card operated washers and dryers are technologically advanced yet user-friendly.  With the use of a smart laundry card, residents can make all their purchases.  And once a cycle is started, they can monitor their laundry progress all from the convenience of their smartphones.  As a property owner, you will have full transparency into your laundry facility, your revenue, and user reports all in real time for easy management.  These card-op washers and dryers are the best Maytag commercial laundry machines for any property and a wise investment.

Customizable Controls for a Unique Laundry Experience

With numerous controls and sophisticated features, Maytag commercial laundry machines allow your residents to customize their laundry cycles.  These different control settings permit users to adjust soil levels, water levels, and water temperatures for their personal needs.  They also have beneficial preset cycles, such as PowerWash selection for deep cleaning, to accomplish exactly what your residents desire.  FreshHold cycle keeps laundry ventilated with continuous air circulation until it can be removed.  Santizie and ExtraPower cycles are just some more of these many selections to deliver ultimate results.

Buy or Lease Card Operated Maytag Laundry Machines

Whichever financial situation you find yourself in, Commercial Laundries Orlando can help.  With our multiple purchasing and leasing options, we are sure to find the financial solutions to get you on your way to the laundry amenity your residents deserve.  Purchase brand new equipment at our competitive price points or buy used commercial laundry machines, guaranteed to run like new.

Our affordable commercial laundry lease program is a great way to save on large upfront costs and still get the new equipment you want for your facility.  Tax-deductible and paired with our free service and maintenance program, leasing is a great way to save funding for a rainy day.  Choose from our large inventory of Maytag commercial laundry equipment to best suit your property and budget.

Transform your residents’ laundry experience with the best Maytag commercial laundry machines.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to get your new fleet of washers and dryers today.