Best Commercial Laundry Machines for Hotels

Best Commercial Laundry Machines for Hotels

Buy hotel laundry machines that are going to attract guests, cut costs, and produce revenue.

Are you are starting a new laundry amenity, investing in new equipment, or upgrading your current system?  Whichever the case, there are a few things to investigate and consider when choosing the best commercial laundry machines for hotels.  What type of payment system are you interested in?  Do you have to do a complete overhaul to get the right equipment for your property?  How can you save money along the way?  All of these are valid questions and important ones when buying or leasing commercial laundry for hotels and motels, and we are here to make your final decision a little easier for you.

What are the Best Commercial Laundry Machines for Hotels?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the best commercial laundry machines for hotels.  All laundry facilities have their unique needs, configurations, and clientele, and we can help guide you in the right direction and offer you assistance in choosing the best path for you and your property.

Coin, Card, and Cashless Equipment and Payment Systems

What type of machines are you interested in or do you currently have?  When it comes to choosing between coin, card, or cashless machines, it all depends on your customer base and your management style.

Coin-operated washers and dryers are traditional and trusted machines that have a lot of familiarities.  They are great for short-term guests as they aren’t required to buy a laundry smart card for purchases or insert their credit or debit cards.

Card-operated machines are convenient and offer a simple approach to doing laundry.  Once a wash or dry cycle has started, your guests can monitor their laundry progress from their smartphones, allowing them to go back up to their room or wonder about your hotel, enjoying your other amenities.  They can even check for available machines before heading down to the laundry room, avoiding any wait time.

Cashless laundry payment systems allow guests to pay with their smartphones and appreciate all the conveniences of card-op machines without the obligation of purchasing a laundry card.  With both coin and cashless systems, you won’t have to worry about counting and collecting coins.  You can also enjoy a remote management style and monitor your laundry facility, profits, and customer usage, all in real-time and all from the convenience of your office.

If you currently have a laundry amenity and fully functioning machines, you can still make inexpensive upgrades that will take your laundry amenity to the next level.  Convert your current laundry machines to a card or cashless system, and reap the benefits of a modern and safe laundry amenity.

Stackable Space Saving Equipment

If you are limited on space or simply wish to maximize your facility with double the number of machines, stackable laundry units are your way to go.  Buy hotel laundry machines that will help you get the most out of your square footage, decrease wait time, and increase guest satisfaction.  These front-loading machines are available in all payment systems and they are energy-efficient, to help you save on utility costs and your global footprint.

Buy or Lease Commercial Laundry for Hotels and Motels

Whether you are looking to buy hotel laundry machines or lease, we have got affordable prices in both options to keep you within budget.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, our competitive price and dependable machines and services set us apart from all the rest.  Buy new or used commercial laundry machines and get all the support of a reliable local laundry supplier.  For even more savings, sign up for one of our commercial laundry leasing programs and receive free service and maintenance to help protect your investment and machines.

Gain all the benefits of a modern, self-service laundry amenity by giving your guests all that they desire.  Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to get the best commercial laundry for hotels and motels.