Best Commercial Laundry Company in Orlando

Best Commercial Laundry Company in Orlando

Work with the best commercial laundry suppliers in Orlando to get the experienced skilled professionals and the quality machines and services you need for your property.

Your laundry amenity needs expert care and support, and quality equipment to satisfy the needs of your residents.  There are plenty of commercial laundry companies out there, but you want to choose the one that has the experience and expertise to make your laundry amenity a successful one.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have commercial-grade machines that will withstand everyday use and the services to ensure your facility runs smoothly.  Here are several things that make us the best commercial laundry suppliers in Orlando.

What Makes Commercial Laundries the Best Commercial Laundry Company in Orlando?

Decades of Experience

Since our beginning in 1972, we have been servicing local businesses and communities, delivering the best equipment and our skills and expertise.  Over the years we have learned and grown as a company and with the industry.  From coin-operated machines to the more technologically advanced card-op washers and dryers and laundry payment applications, we know what works in different types of facilities and how to help them flourish.   Our vast relationships with multi-family housing complexes, the hospitality industry, college campuses, and RV and mobile home parks, and our continuous support over the past five decades are a testament to our commitment and loyalty.

Expert Staff and Technicians

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we are a family, and it is important to us that we all grow and expand our knowledge together.  All members of our team have extensive training and are constantly participating in training workshops to keep up with the demands and changes of the laundry sector.  No matter how big or small your issue may be, we are able to address it quickly and efficiently, all because of our dedication to improving and being the best commercial laundry company in Orlando.

Impeccable Customer Service and Attention

One thing that has always remained constant with us, is our focus on our clients and our strong relationships.  These things don’t happen automatically or overnight, but with trust and dependability.  Our clients know that they can count on us to deliver outstanding machines with reliable customer service.

Multiple Purchasing and Payment Options

To be the best commercial laundry company in Orlando, you must cater to the needs of all different types of clients.  Our quality equipment from reputable manufacturers has something for everyone and the demands of their property.  Our traditional coin-operated machines are robustly constructed with stainless steel washtubs and reinforced coin fault boxes.  All our card-operated washers and dryers are innovative and technologically sound to enhance the laundry experience of customers and property owners.  For even more convenience and advancement, this Orlando commercial laundry company has a range of cashless laundry payment options and hybrid choices to give each property a safe and clean environment.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Operating an on-site laundry facility takes time and effort.  With your time divided among other amenities and areas of your property, we want to ensure your laundry facility continues to run optimally without a hitch. That is why we have service and maintenance programs that you can enroll in to take some of those daunting responsibilities off your plate.  Our skilled technicians will take care of your machines and perform routine servicing for longevity and efficiency.  We even have same-day or next-day repair services for when one of your machines is acting up.

Customized Equipment

If you don’t know exactly what you need, or you have an idea but don’t see it on our website, we can still help.  We make customizable laundry equipment that has the features you desire to give your property the perfect equipment it requires.

Team Up with the Number One Orlando Commercial Laundry Company

As the best commercial laundry suppliers in Orlando, we offer a range of purchasing and leasing options to help you stay within budget all the while getting quality, commercial-grade equipment from reputable producers.  Buy new or used equipment, or lease commercial washers and dryers for even more savings.

Contact the top Orlando commercial laundry company at, (407) 986-1410 for assistance in giving your property exactly what it needs.