How to Find the Best Value Commercial Laundry Equipment

best value commercial laundry equipment

Searching for the best value commercial laundry equipment for your property and your residents?  There are a few things you should keep your eye out for when doing so.

First, finding the best commercial laundry machines is not difficult when you know where to set your standards.  Always do your due diligence and research.  Know that quality in equipment and supplier is the most important.  Research the type of equipment you want, what type of laundry payment system you wish to offer your residents, decide if buying or leasing is the wisest financial option for you, and finally partner with a local distributor that you can trust.

Do Your Research

Reputation is everything and this is something you can find by asking your neighbors or doing a little internet search.  Look on forums, check reviews, and ask questions.  Contact distributors near you and ask what they are offering.  Try and get the best value for your buck and get the most out of the company you choose to partner with.  Find a supplier that offers multiple purchasing and leasing options.  No two situations are alike which is why customizable options will give you the best commercial laundry machines and the best value for your facility.

Choose Manufacturers with the Best Value Commercial Laundry Equipment

Think of some of the big names in commercial laundry manufacturers out there.  You know these names because most of them come attached to a strong and respectable reputation.  Some of these names may be Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, and for good reason.  With over three centuries worth of combined experience and expertise, these manufactures know what it takes to make the best value commercial laundry equipment.  Built with solid construction and superior engineering, these innovative machines are a wise addition to any laundry facility.  Click here to find out more about these top 2021 commercial washers and dryers.

Invest in the Best Commercial Laundry Machines and Payment Systems for Your Residents

Speaking of 2021, upgrading your laundry payment system or investing in a new one is a step towards a more profitable future for your laundry facility.  Coin-operated equipment is a great value for its accessibility and familiarity, but why not keep up with technology and consumerism and invest in a cashless laundry facility.  Card-operated laundry equipment and a mobile laundry payment app allow residents to pay for their laundry with a laundry card or their smartphone, eliminating the hassle of coins and cash.  It also gives property owners remote access to their facility to monitor machines, profits, residents, and trends, all in real-time.

Rest assured, if you already have a coin-operated system in place, most machines can support an upgrade.  By installing a card reader and mobile app payment system on your machines, you will cater to a wider demographic and increase your profits.

Decide Between Buying and Leasing Your Equipment for the Best Value

Buying new equipment is great, but did you know that there are a lot more perks to leasing your commercial laundry equipment?  When you lease your commercial laundry equipment, you do not have to worry about any large upfront costs, avoiding loans, or fund depletion.  Many respectable companies will also offer free service and maintenance to help with the upkeep of your equipment and protect your investment.

Find a Reputable Local Distributor that You Can Trust

Commercial Laundries Orlando can offer you all the above value and beyond.  With experience in the commercial laundry sector since 1972, we have the expertise and skills to transform your laundry facility into a profitable and reputable business.

Partner with Commercial Laundries Orlando and get the best value commercial laundry equipment and the protective and supportive services to go along with it.  Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to get started.