Laundry Management Tips for Property Owners

Laundry Management Tips for Property Owners

Follow these simple laundry management tips for property owners to make your job easier and your business more profitable.

When managing a residential laundry facility, there is no doubt you will have a lot on your plate.  Your essential laundry facility requires quite a bit of maintenance and attention that you may not have.  By making a few adjustments and wise decisions about your facility, you can take some of that responsibility and pressure off your shoulders.  Consider some of these helpful laundry management tips for property owners to make your job stress-free and your laundry amenity successful.

Decide Between Buying and Leasing Your Laundry Equipment

When choosing between buying or leasing commercial laundry machines, you must consider the price of the equipment to the cost associated with repairs, maintenance, and longevity.  Owning your machines outright has some autonomous perks, however, you must factor in how many machines you need, how much traffic they will see, and the cost of maintenance.  All of which will fall under your responsibility.

Leasing your equipment requires little to no upfront cost and usually comes with free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease.  Additionally, when your machines have received substantial wear and tear and are ready to retire, you will be able to exchange them for newer, more efficient models.  Leasing commercial washers and dryers are a great budget-friendly option that comes with support and many free services.

Make Your Job Easier by Getting Assistance Maintaining Your Machines and Facility

Managing a residential laundry facility takes hard work and dedication.  If you choose to buy your machines, make sure you enroll in a service and maintenance program to help you with the upkeep.  This will keep your machines running optimally to manage a profitable laundry room and protect your investment.  Through the program, an expert technician will professionally manage your equipment, make routine maintenance checks, and prevent unnecessary repairs.

Decide on Laundry Payment System for Maximum Profit and Efficiency

When you decide on the type of payment system you want to offer your residents, you are inevitably deciding on your management style.  A coin laundry system is always a great investment, but it will require a more hands-on approach.  With card-operated laundry equipment or a mobile laundry payment system, you will be able to monitor and manage a profitable laundry room remotely.

Incorporate Technology and Embrace Remote Management

A cashless laundry system offers property owners and managers many luxuries and freedoms.  With many controls and connections available online, you won’t have to step foot in your laundry facility to get the best perks and information available.  Instantly increase security with the elimination of coins.   Connect to all machines and receive real-time monitoring on profits and trends.

With remote access, you will also be able to maximize efficiency while boosting profits.  Manage a profitable laundry room by adjusting prices, offering your residents discounts and rewards, and tracking user habits.  These features will increase your resident satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Create a Clean and Safe Laundry Room for Your Residents

Another one of our important laundry management tips for property owners is to put your residents and their safety first.  Providing your tenants with a clean and safe laundry amenity is imperative and made possible with a mobile laundry payment app.  Through the application, your residents can pay for their laundry, start washers and dryers, and monitor their laundry progress, all from the convenience of their smartphone with minimal contact.  With the laundry payment app, users can receive alerts and notifications on their laundry cycle and remaining time and find available machines all the while practicing social distancing and keeping safe.

Find a Local Distributor that You Can Trust

Managing a residential laundry facility takes hard work and dedication.  Let us at Commercial Laundries Orlando give you a hand and make that job easier.  With our many buying and leasing options, you will find the right equipment and plan to meet your budget and your residents’ needs.  When you lease commercial laundry equipment with us, you will receive quality energy-efficient equipment accompanied by our complimentary service and maintenance care.

For more information and guidance on managing a residential laundry facility, give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410.