Benefits of Laundry Payment Apps

Benefits of Laundry Payment Apps

Update your laundry facility and give your residents the gift of convenience with multiple payment options.  By going cashless, you will reap all the benefits of laundry payment apps for you and your tenants.

Whether you have a coin or card-operated laundry system in place, it is quick and easy to incorporate a mobile laundry app.  Convert your entire operation or offer your residents multiple payment options to satisfy all demographics.  Whatever updates and upgrades you are looking to make; we are here to help make it a simple and easy process.  Deliver a great laundry room experience with easy and convenient multi-family laundry system apps.

Laundry Payments Made Easy

Convenience is everything, especially when you are completing an essential task such as doing laundry.  One of the biggest benefits of laundry payment apps is their simplicity and easy payment process.  With a quick download on their smartphones, your residents will be ready to use your new system in no time.  By creating an account and uploading their credit or debit cards, tenants will be able to pay for all laundry purchases with a simple scan of the QR code located on each of your machines.  No more fumbling around to find enough coins for laundry.  Your residents can pay for their laundry, monitor their accounts, and upload funds all from their cell phones.

App Alerts and Wash Monitoring

Another perk of multi-family laundry system apps is the ability to remotely access machines without stepping foot inside the laundry room.  Once residents have started their wash and dry cycles, they can check on their laundry and discover how much time they have left.  They can also find available machines from the app to avoid long waits and personal contact with neighbors.  With this feature, you can take away waiting for areas to promote social distancing and a safer laundry environment.

Remote Monitoring and Transparency for Property Owners

Property owners and managers are also able to enjoy the benefits of laundry payment apps with remote access to their laundry facility.  With cashless payment systems, all purchases are digital and automatically deposited, which gives you an instant and accurate auditing system.  Additionally, through the online database, you can view all transactions, monitor user habits, and receive real-time reports on equipment.

Boost Revenue

With full transparency into your resident’s usage and preferences, you can use this information to offer discounts, rewards points, and happy hour specials to promote customer loyalty.  Your tenant’s satisfaction will soar, along with their usage and your revenue.  In addition to these added bonuses, you can also quickly and easily adjust pricing as needed, all from the convenience of your online, owner’s database.

Enhanced Security

Cash is great in some situations, but for a business owner, this means more security and a watchful eye.  With the elimination of coins, you will automatically boost your security and give yourself peace of mind.

Increased Safety

During these uncertain times, safety for your staff and residents is of the utmost importance.  Keeping your laundry facility clean and sanitized is a must to make your residents feel safe while doing laundry.  Multi-family laundry system apps offer your residents a cashless and contactless experience that feels cleaner because it is.  No more handling coins and cash or messing around with cards and keypads.  With contactless laundry solutions, you can show your residents how you are putting them and their concerns first.

Get the Best Laundry Mobile App

Updating your current machines or upgrading to newer machines is easy and affordable with Commercial Laundries Orlando.  Lease new commercial laundry equipment and get the support and benefits unlike anywhere else.  Or convert your existing machines to a mobile laundry payment system and work with our expert team.

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