Where Can I Purchase Refurbished Coin Operated Laundry Machines?

where to purchase coin operated laundry machines

Get reliable refurbished coin operated laundry machines that have been thoroughly tested and serviced to operate like new at Commercial Laundries Orlando.

There are many benefits when you purchase refurbished coin operated laundry machines.  For one, outfitting an onsite laundry facility with a fleet of washers and dryers is costly.  But when you buy refurbished machines you can save a ton of money when you work with a trustworthy distributor.  When you go for used equipment, buyer beware.  Not all used washers and dryers have been treated the same.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, all of our refurbished coin operated laundry machines have been carefully serviced to assure they meet and exceed your high expectations.

Used vs. Refurbished Coin Operated Laundry Machines

Used commercial laundry equipment usually comes with some kind of ‘condition’ assigned to them; new, like new, good, used, etc.  This doesn’t give you much to go by and some companies don’t always take the same care when dealing with used equipment.  Used machines may be a gamble when you don’t know much about the equipment or company you are purchasing from.

Refurbished equipment means that it has been repaired and serviced to like-new condition. If you go this route with a reputable distributor, you could end up with an incredible deal.  Make sure that your refurbished coin operated laundry machines also come with a warranty to protect your business and your investment.

Purchase Refurbished Coin Operated Laundry Equipment from a Reputable Supplier

Working with a company that truly understands your needs and concerns can make all the difference in your purchasing experience.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we are dedicated to providing the best used coin op laundry machines paired with even better customer service.  We pride ourselves on our work in the community and our respectable reputation and our long-standing relationships with our clients are a testament to our commitment.

Get the Best Used Coin Op Laundry Machines that Operate Like New

You do not need any setbacks when you are starting or upgrading your laundry amenity.  That is why we guarantee that all our used machines are refurbished to run like new.  Each machine goes through a strict series of tests by our skilled technicians so that they can be properly treated and reconditioned.  All washers and dryers are thoroughly inspected and refurbished so they can assertively be re-sold to our clients.  All of our used equipment is manufactured by premium manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, ensuring their longevity and dependability.  When you buy used equipment, you can trust in us and purchase with confidence.

Commercial Laundry Specialists

Whatever your commercial laundry needs are, we have got you covered.  From purchasing to service and maintenance, our specialists can guide you into getting the best equipment and services for you.  Purchase refurbished coin operated laundry machines with us and enroll in our comprehensive service and maintenance program to assist you with the upkeep of your machines and facility.  One of our expert technicians will come out to your site on a regular basis and perform all servicing and repairs necessary.  And when one of your coin op laundry machines needs repair, we have the quick response time to take care of any issues you may be having.

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we want to ensure that you are getting the best used coin op laundry machines to meet all your laundry needs.  Click here to get a free estimate or give us a call at, (407) 986-1410 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for assistance in finding the right equipment for you and your tenants.