Top Commercial Washers and Dryers 2021

Top Commercial Washers and Dryers 2021

Trust your local commercial laundry supplier, Commercial Laundries Orlando, to deliver the top commercial washers and dryers of 2021.

Embark on this new year with a fresh perspective and a clean palette.  With a little extra care and some upgrades, you can take your laundry amenity to the next level and give your residents the clean and safe space they desire.  First, invest in quality machines that you and your tenants can depend on.  Ones that deliver on innovation and performance.  A new updated payment system will give your amenity a level of convenience that will cater to a wider demographic and increase your revenue.  Here are several options for you to consider when choosing the top commercial washers and dryers in 2021 for your on-premises laundry room.

Top Quality 2021 Commercial Laundry Equipment from Premium Manufacturers

Year after year these premium manufacturers continue to impress us with their robust construction and ingenious design and function.  Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool have over three centuries’ worth of experience and solid reputations that have made them into the trustworthy companies they are today.  Their sturdy engineering and advanced features are what makes them the best 2021 commercial washers and dryers to look out for.  Their technological advancements and cashless machines will introduce a clean and convenient element you want for your amenity.

Card Operated Laundry Machines

Card-op equipment is simple to use and easy to introduce to your facility.  With the purchase of a laundry loyalty card from one of your CleanPay kiosks, your residents can deposit funds to take care of any purchases they wish.  With a swipe of the card in any of the card readers located on your machines, they can select the cycle, water temperature, and soil level.  They can even track their laundry’s progress from their smart device.

Cashless Mobile Laundry Application

Cashless and coinless laundry is in our not-too-distant future and you want to make sure you are ahead of the game.  With card and mobile applications being a primary method of payment in other industries, your facility should be no different.  With just a quick install of the Laundryvalue application, tenants can deposit funds electronically to their account and operate washers and dryers easily.  Simply scan the QR code via Bluetooth located on each machine and they are ready to go.  Additionally, contactless payment options will make your residents feel confident that they are in a clean and safe environment in these unprecedented times.

Hybrid Payment System

Invest in new equipment or outfit your functional machines with card readers and or a mobile laundry app.  Many machines can be retrofitted with the technology to bring them up to speed.  Install a laundry app or card readers on your coin-operated laundry machines and save a ton on equipment costs. Click here to contact Commercial Laundries Orlando and find out if your equipment meets the criteria.

Custom 2021 Commercial Laundry Equipment

With all the great equipment available on the market, it may be difficult to choose just the right machines for you.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have a skilled team that can bring your ideas to life.  Customize your 2021 commercial laundry equipment and get exactly what you need for your laundry facility.

Buy or Lease the Best 2021 Commercial Washers and Dryers

Purchase or lease your equipment with Commercial Laundries Orlando and gain access to our first-class services for your top commercial washers and dryers in 2021.  We have affordable and competitive pricing to help make your upgrades a reality.  We also have a tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program that will give you access to our premium equipment at a manageable and affordable monthly rate.  With all service and maintenance included, you will save even more over the lifetime of your lease.

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