Tips to Troubleshoot Your Card-Operated Laundry Machines

Try these tips and tricks to get your laundry machines operating efficiently.  You will need to troubleshoot your card-operated laundry machines to find the issues. When all else fails, call on the professionals for card-operated laundry machine repair.

When one or more of your washers or dryers is out of commission, you may be costing your business profits and patron satisfaction.  It is only natural to try and solve the problem yourself, however, when it comes to deeper rooted issues, it is best to call on the professionals to take care of your problem right away and avoid irreparable damages.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the same day or next day response time that will have your machines up and running without a hitch.  Call us at (407) 986-1410, or click here for card-operated laundry machine repair.  In the meantime, here is some troubleshooting advice from our technicians.

Troubleshoot your card-operated laundry machines

Troubleshoot Commercial Laundry Machine Issues

Washer Issues:

Garments Not Clean Enough:

Overstuffing a machine with too much laundry does not allow enough room for clothing to be distributed evenly with soap and water, especially in a front-loading washer.  Encourage your residents to do smaller laundry loads and pack clothing loosely.  Balance load with different garment sizes and resist the urge to add too much soap as this will cause damage to machines and clothing over time.

Washer Error:

When there is an error signal it is usually an issue with loading or balance.  Again, ensure bulky items are balanced and evenly distributed.  Make sure clothes are well below the maximum fill level for the best clean results and there are no issues with the suspension.

Washer is not running or turning on:

Always consult your user manual for specific troubleshoot commercial laundry machine issues for your make and model.  Check all outlets and circuit breakers for connection issues.


Dryer Issues:

Dryer not heating or clothing coming out damp:

First, ensure that clothing is not dripping wet when it is removed from the washer.  Excess water and moisture before the drying cycle indicate an issue with your washer’s water removing spin cycle.  If clothing is taking a long time to dry, make sure dryers are not overloaded and that clothing has enough room to tumble and let air circulate.

Dryer not turning on or is not running:

Always consult user’s manual.  Assure that all vents and lint trays are clear and regularly cleaned out and check for debris.  Check exhaust vent and tubes for proper connection or worn-down belts.


Troubleshoot Your Card-Operated Laundry Machines:

Laundry card issues:

Laundry cards should last a long time and not wear down easily.  But in the rare occurrence that a card is not being read or your residents are having trouble paying, inspect the card for bends, cracks, chips, or wearing in the electronic strip.

Problems with laundry payment application:

If the application is freezing or there is an issue with the laundry payment app or its functions, exit out and reopen.  Have your residents try logging in and out of the app or redownloading the newest version.


Card-Operated Laundry Machine Repair

When all else fails and you are at a loss, there is no shame in calling for some backup.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have a skilled team of professionals and technicians that are willing and able to come down to your site and assess your situation.  With our fully stocked utility vans, most problems can be taken care of that very same day.  If the time has come for you to replace your commercial laundry machines, we have affordable equipment for sale and lease.  Our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program will help you save in initial costs and down the road with our free service and maintenance.

Click here to contact Commercial Laundries Orlando or call our knowledgeable technicians at (407) 986-1410, for advice to troubleshoot your card-operated laundry machines.