9 Reasons to Use Card Operated Laundry Equipment for Your Laundry Facility

Find the best card op laundry equipment for your facility and reap the benefits of a cashless payment system 

Use Card Operated Laundry Equipment

If you are debating between coin or card operated laundry machines, consider which machine would make your life and the chore of laundry easier. Coin-operated laundry machines are traditional and always a well-trusted system, but they use card-operated laundry equipment when it comes to convenience and safety. Here are nine reasons to choose card op equipment. 

1. Conserve Your Time and Money 

For a property manager, many time-consuming responsibilities come with the job of running an onsite laundry facility. Coin-op machines require coin collecting, depositing, and monitoring. With a card-operated payment system, you will no longer have to waste your time, funding, or peace of mind on tracking coins. 

2. Enhance Your Security 

Having cash on any premises is always a cause for concern and close observation. But with the elimination of coins, you no longer need to worry about theft or counterfeit coins as your security will automatically be enhanced. With card and electronic payments, you will know how much profit is coming in automatically, and you won’t have to pay someone to collect, count, or deposit coins. 

3. Gain Remote Access and Price Control 

The best card op laundry equipment will give you complete access remotely and allow you to view all transactions and purchases from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere else you have internet access. From there, you can track your tenant’s purchases and view all incoming profit nearly instantaneously. You can also adjust pricing to keep up with operational costs and offer discounts and rewards to promote usage. 

4. Monitor Your Revenue and Process Payments Easily 

Running any business always comes with some concerns, but you can easily monitor your profits and receive full transparency with remote access. With clarity in your operation, you can manage your laundry facility smoothly and stress-free. Additionally, there is no more need to lose time or energy issuing refunds or dealing with demanding coin slots, as everything is done digitally. 

5. Provide Your Residents With a Safe Environment 

In today’s unprecedented situation, your residents will appreciate a cashless payment system that is clean and safe to use. Through the use of credit, debit, or laundry loyalty cards, residents will no longer have to fumble with cash or coins, and they can purchase with ease and confidence. For additional safety and convenience, consider a mobile laundry app payment option that will reduce contact even more. 

6. Benefit from the Convenience of a Coinless System 

Many businesses are moving toward a contactless payment system or at least giving their customers the option. With fewer people carrying around cash these days, card and mobile payments are increasing. Especially with today’s coin shortage, the use of card-operated laundry equipment will expand your customer range and keep up with the needs of your residents. 

7. Convert Current Machines to Card Payment System 

Adding a new payment system to your laundry facility does not mean you have to invest in all new equipment. Retrofit your current machines with card readers or incorporate a mobile payment system. Converting your machines to a hybrid will help you gain more customers while keeping your loyal users. 

8. Increase Tenant Satisfaction and Usage 

A newer, upgraded laundry facility is always a great way to boost your resident satisfaction and increase patronage. Not only will your residents appreciate your attention to their needs, but they will also benefit from the convenience. Through our Laundry value app, tenants can track their laundry’s progress, pay for wash and dry cycles, and find available machines, limiting contact and wait time. 

9. Buy Affordable Coin or Card Operated Laundry Machines 

Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have the premium equipment and expert technicians to make your card operated laundry facility a reality. All of our equipment is from world-renowned commercial laundry manufacturers and available at affordable rates to purchase or lease.  

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