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Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment

Commercial laundry machines continuously improve as technology advances, and our priorities shift. Today more than ever, energy-efficient laundry equipment is of huge importance to property managers and laundry facilities. With operational costs on the rise, you need something to help balance expenses. Your residents are also concerned about their own environmental footprint and emissions. With high-efficiency equipment, you will reduce your water, gas, and energy usage and increase your tenant satisfaction.  

What Makes a Machine Energy Efficient

Sustainability is important for both philosophical and economic motives. Whichever your reasoning, your decision to invest in energy-efficient machines will have an ecological and financial effect, benefiting your laundry amenity in the long haul. But what makes a washer and dryer energy efficient? 

· High-efficiency laundry equipment is specially designed to help reduce the amount of water, gas, and energy necessary to complete a load of laundry.

· Washers are constructed with larger capacity washtubs, which reduce wash loads.

·  Energy efficient laundry equipment utilizes technology that does not require a full washtub to get the job done. Advanced wash technology uses a spin system to distribute clothing to remove grime and stains evenly.

· Washers have faster spin speeds, which extract more water and moisture, resulting in dryer clothing, requiring less time in the dryer.

· Energy efficient dryers use sensors to detect moisture and turn off the machine when clothing is dry.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment

High-efficiency washers and dryers offer a multitude of benefits to both you and your residents.

· Energy-efficient washers save property managers money and use about 33% less water and 25% less energy. 

· Quickly see returns on investment through lower utility expenses.

· Boost usage and your revenue by giving your residents new cutting edge and attractive equipment that is efficient and gentle on clothing.

· Easily raise your vending prices for modern machines with sophisticated cycles and larger washtubs with greater capacity.

· Increase resident satisfaction with larger washtubs that save time with fewer laundry loads and quicker drying time.

· Protect the environment and reduce your laundry amenity’s global footprint.

Ways to Make Your Laundry Facility More Energy Efficient

Investing in new, energy-efficient, and eco-conscious equipment is certainly a great way to a greener and less expensive tomorrow. Also, there are many other ways to save money while also caring about the planet.  

· Invest in quality machines that are built to last. With durable construction, you will get more out of your equipment, avoiding replacements and landfill contributions.

· Buy used commercial laundry equipment that has been refurbished to run like new. Second-hand is always a great sustainable option. Get premium machines at a fraction of the cost by purchasing gently used energy-efficient equipment.

· Encourage your tenants to wash with cold water as heating water takes energy, adding to cost. 

· Urge residents to use environmentally friendly products free of harmful chemicals that will inevitably end up in our waters.

· Install motion detectors for lighting or a turn switch with a timer for patrons to initiated upon entrance into the laundry room.

Buy or Lease Energy Efficient Washers and Dryers

Investing in energy-efficient machines will prove to reduce your consumption and save you large amounts of money in the long run. Commercial Laundries Orlando has got the financial solutions to get your laundry facility fully equipped with energy-efficient laundry machines at affordable prices. Own new or used commercial laundry equipment or lease for even more savings. Our competitive commercial laundry leasing program offers premium equipment at an affordable monthly rate. Not to mention, it is tax-deductible and comes with free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease.

Commercial Laundries has technologically advanced and energy-efficient laundry equipment to add value and cut costs. Contact us today at (407) 986-1410 to find out more, or click here for a free estimate.