Cashless Laundry Systems for Your Laundry Facility

Cashless Laundry Systems

Coinless laundry payment systems are convenient for property managers and residents 

Do you know about coinless laundry payment systems and their many benefits? Contactless payment options are available in many industries and are a preferred method of payment among many of your residents. Not only will they make laundry more accessible for many of your tenants, but they will also make your job easier. Cashless payment solutions for laundry facilities are easy to set up and offer an array of advantages to your population. Installing a new system is easy and affordable and it doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul of equipment. Here are several things you should know about cashless laundry systems and how we can make it all possible.

How it Works

Cashless payment solutions for laundry facilities are easy to incorporate in your amenity and simple to use. With new smart laundry machines or updated cashless laundry systems, your facility will be ready to go right away. Tenants simply download the smartphone laundry payment application, Laundryvalue app, and register and sign in with their credit or debit card. From there, they can start the machine by scanning the QR code via Bluetooth or by entering the washer or dryer number. After, they can choose their desired wash and dry cycle or upgrade with a click of a button. It is that simple.

Who Benefits

Upon installation, you and your residents will immediately experience the benefits of your new coinless laundry payment systems. Contactless payment options create a convenient, cleaner, and safer laundry amenity, leading to an increase in tenant satisfaction and usage. The benefits will also quickly become apparent to you as remote management gives you clarity over your business and makes your job easier.

What Are the Advantages

Through the smart laundry mobile payment app, residents can add credit to their account automatically without having to worry about having sufficient cash on them. They can also receive alerts to monitor their laundry cycle and completion all from the comfort of their phone. Smartphone notifications give tenants access to machines remotely and notify them when machines become available. Contactless payment will also prevent overcrowding and eliminate waiting areas in your facility, ensuring a more sanitary and healthier environment in these unprecedented times.

As a property manager, you will be able to remotely monitor your laundry facility, watch over your machines, and track tenant usage and transactions. With automatic auditing, you can now breath a sigh of relief with reliable accounting, increased security, and complete transparency. Easily adjust pricing and offer promotions and loyalty points to increase operations and profits. You will also save on operational costs as you will no longer need to worry about security or collecting and counting coins.

How to Make it Happen

Whether you are looking to start a new laundry business or wish to update an existing amenity, there are many options out there that will not break the bank. Investing in new card operated equipment or cashless laundry systems is a great fresh start, but often costly. 

If you need more affordable and manageable option, consider leasing commercial laundry machines. Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, our leasing program is tax-deductible and comes with complimentary service and maintenance for the lifetime of your lease. We also have customizable machine options better to suit your needs and the needs of your residents. Choose the features you desire in your washers and dryers and speak to a representative about updating your current machines to coinless laundry payment systems.

For more information on cashless payment solutions for laundry facilities, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at (407) 986-1410.