Mobile Pay for Commercial Laundry Rooms

Mobile Payment Options for Laundry Facilities are A Sanitary and Convenient Way to Do Laundry

Mobile Pay for Commercial Laudnry Rooms

Commercial laundry machines with mobile payment options are popping up all over and property managers and patrons are satisfied with all the benefits they bring to the table.  Connectivity has never been more important and with a mobile payment system, managers can monitor their laundry rooms remotely and residents can use their smartphones to operate and manage their accounts and machines wirelessly.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has the quality equipment and reliable mobile payment system for your laundry facility.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Pay for Commercial Laundry Rooms?

Mobile pay for commercial laundry rooms is advantageous to both property managers and residents.  Cashless systems are easy to operate and convenient to use.  They will make your job easier and increase the number of users and their satisfaction.

Property Managers: 

Free up some time and funding with mobile pay for your laundry amenity.  Your new laundry system is easy to connect to remotely which allows you to access your revenue and usage all in one place.  Through a simple online dashboard, you can monitor your profits and understand your business in a clear and precise way.  By getting rid of coins or increasing cashless payment options, you can reduce your costs from hiring outside sources to count, collect, and transport coins.  Your online system offers accuracy and precision that you don’t always get with coin operation.  Your revenue is automatically audited and deposited in your business account for complete transparency.  Mobile payment options for laundry facilities also increase security and eliminate theft from your laundry rooms for peace of mind and dependability.  

Your Patrons: 

A mobile payment option gives your tenants the contactless laundry experience they desire.  Especially with everything going on in the world today, a contactless payment option is a hygienic solution to make your laundry facility safer.  Additionally, it is convenient.  Truth be told, many people accidentally leave home without their wallet, but they rarely leave home without their smartphone.  That is how technologically dependent our current world is and adapting your laundry facility to these changing times will increase resident satisfaction and usage.  Your residents will no longer have to worry about cash and credit or carrying around a laundry loyalty card.  With a simple scan with their mobile phones, they are able to access all machines safely and conveniently.

How Mobile Payment Options for Laundry Facilities Work

Mobile pay for commercial laundry rooms is easy to install and operate.  With the help of our expert technicians, they will outfit your facility with your new cashless system and prepare your laundry room for the transition.  Once installed, your residents download the CleanPay mobile app on their smartphones, add a payment method, and deposit funds in their account.  On the secure application, your patrons can store their credit/debit card for future use.  From there, they scan the laundry machine’s QR code via Bluetooth to submit payment.  When a machine is in use, your residents can then track their laundry’s progress and receive notifications when laundry is finished.  They can even get alerts on available machines to avoid waiting in line.

How to Get Commercial Laundry Machines with Mobile Payment Options

Doing laundry has never been so easy, reliable, or convenient as it is with our CleanPay mobile app.  To get started, contact one of our helpful sales representatives or click here to request a free estimate. If you need washers and dryers, Commercial Laundries Orlando has the dependent laundry equipment you are searching for at competitive prices.  Buy new or gently used commercial laundry equipment and choose from any of our premium brands, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.  We also have affordable commercial laundry leasing programs that are customizable to meet your individual needs.

Contact Commercial Laundries Orlando at, (407) 986-1410 to find out more about commercial laundry machines with mobile payment options and how they can be adapted to your laundry facility.