5 Benefits of Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

Get The Highest ROI with The Unmatched Value of Commercial Speed Queen Laundry Machines

Benefits of Commercial Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers are built with innovation and unparalleled quality that will add value to your laundry amenity.  They are a name that you can depend on and trust to deliver top performance.  With their sophisticated Quantum control and energy efficiency, you and your residents will have more control for an effortless laundry experience.  Boost your residents’ satisfaction with commercial Speed Queen laundry machines and immediately see your return on investment. Here are 5 benefits of commercial Speed Queen washers and Dryers.

1. Unparalleled Quality

There are many benefits of commercial Speed Queen washers and dryers that we will be talking about, but the one advantage which is apparent right off the bat is their unmatched quality.   Their robust construction and sleek design set them apart from all other washers and dryers.  With high-tech performance and advanced Quantum Controls, Speed Queen delivers a cleaner, more energy-efficient laundry outcome. 

2.  Advanced Quantum Controls

Speed Queen’s sophisticated Quantum controls give users greater control over their laundry to meet their individual needs and they give you the freedom to transform your laundry facility.  With Quantum controls, you have the power to make your laundry facility work for you in a way to drive revenue.

  • Time-of-day pricing allows you to adjust prices for peak hours and lets you offer your residents rewards and discounts to increase loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Cycle modifiers make upselling easier and more convenient.
  • Multi-Level Pricing gives you control of pricing to increase prices to offset the cost of utilities.
  • Wash Alert gives residents remote access to view washer and dryer progress and search for available machines.

3. Eco-Conscious and Energy Efficiency 

Commercial Speed Queen laundry machines make it easy to save on utility costs and limit your environmental impact.  Speed Queen’s energy-efficient equipment with advanced features and programmable settings give you more control over your consumption and savings.

  • 30 programmable water levels allow you to change water amounts for each cycle to help you cut back on costs.
  • Low Power/ Power Saving Mode lets you program your machines to go into hibernation when not in use for extended periods of time or when your facility is closed.
  • Auto Water Leak Detection alerts you when there is an issue with a machine to save on wasted water and utilities.

4.  Modern Laundry Experience

Speed Queen’s ‘effortless laundry’ motto is evident with their advanced controls and modern take on the laundry experience.  As a property owner, you will have full access to your machines remotely.  From there you can view your tenants’ machine usage, control pricing, and programming, and monitor your revenue.  With full transparency, you can manage your facility the way you see fit which will lead to increased profits.

5. Tenant Satisfaction

The addition of Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers will elevate your laundry facility and your patron usage and satisfaction.  Your residents are looking for dependable washers and dryers that are efficient and easy to use.  With the convenience of commercial Speed Queen laundry machines, users can connect to their laundry remotely and monitor their laundry’s progress.  With the addition of Speed Queen’s mobile app payment system, your tenants have access to a contactless laundry experience for even more accessibility.

Buy or Rent Speed Queen Commercial Washers and Dryers

Commercial Laundries Orlando has Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers for purchase or lease at affordable prices to meet any budget.  We can even customize any washers or dryers to your specific needs.  Purchase new or used equipment or enroll in our commercial laundry lease program.  Each lease is paired with free service and maintenance program to keep your machines and facility running efficiently. 

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